Suspect couldn't drive clutch. So, he robbed his victims of a purse, Vans shoes.

Photo illustration.
Photo illustration.

Modesto police arrested a man suspected of robbing and carjacking two victims at Creekwood Park early Wednesday morning.

The male and female victims were parked in front of the southeast Modesto park at about 1 a.m. when they saw a vehicle pass them and turn around, said Lt. Tom Ciccarelli.

He said the vehicle pulled up alongside the victim’s vehicle and the suspect got out of the passenger seat.

The suspect pointed a gun at the victims and demanded the keys to their car.

But when the suspect tried to drive away he had some trouble.

"His original attempt to try to steal the vehicle was thwarted due to not being familiar with manual transmission," Ciccarelli said. "Unable to drive the vehicle he instead demanded one victim’s shoes and another victim’s purse."

The suspect took the purse and the white Vans Classics shoes then fled the scene – this time successfully.

Information about what led officers to the suspect was unclear but he was located and arrested about 90 minutes later.

Ernesto Rodriguez, 18, was arrested on suspicion of carjacking, robbery and conspiracy.

No information was available about the other suspect whose vehicle Rodriguez was riding in prior to the carjacking.