Heartbroken vet makes plea to Modesto thieves: Please return my cat

Aglaia Cardona's cat, Iris, who was inside the veterinarian's RV when it was stolen in Modesto.
Aglaia Cardona's cat, Iris, who was inside the veterinarian's RV when it was stolen in Modesto.

The RV veterinarian Aglaia Cardona calls home when she works as a contractor at a Modesto clinic was stolen Monday. Worse than losing her home and its possessions though, was the fact that her beloved gray tabby cat Iris was inside.

“It is like being kicked in the heart,” Cardona said. “I am so worried about her and her well-being; it is all I can think about.”

Cardona has worked for about a year as a contract veterinarian at Animal Medical Center in the Crossroads Shopping Center on Carpenter Road. She lives in Santa Cruz but works four days a week at the clinic and bought the RV so she could bring her pets with her to Modesto.

Her Chocolate lab Arthur was inside the clinic with her but Iris was in the RV when it was stolen some time between 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday.

“She kisses me on command, she comes when I call, she is just an amazing cat,” Cardona said. “ I just really miss her and am so worried about her welfare; I have imagined every possible horrible thing that could happen.”

Cardona said Iris is an indoor cat that is on a special diet for problems with her kidneys. She fears she is outside for the first time, under stress and not eating or drinking.

She adopted Iris eight years ago when she was about 1-year-old, had just had a litter of kittens and was in need of a home.

Cardona hopes that whoever took her RV will have the compassion to take Iris to a shelter or a veterinarian. Iris is microchipped and has a tag with Cardona’s contract information attached to her green polka-dotted collar.

Carodona’s RV is a 21 foot Coachmen Freelander with license plate number 7DIX355.

She asks anyone with information about the RV to call police and anyone who finds Iris to take her to a veterinarian.