Modesto man is latest victim of dog that has bitten people before

A Modesto man is recovering from surgery after being attacked by a dog in the La Loma neighborhood this week. It was at least the second and possibly third attack by the dog in the past 16 months.

The man was standing in his front yard in the 2000 block of Moran Avenue on Monday when a white pit bull that had escaped from a home across the street came running at him, according to Modesto Police Department spokeswoman Sharon Bear.

The dog bit the man multiple times on his calf and both his arms, causing injuries that required surgery. Bear said the man has since been released from the hospital.

Animal control officers did an investigation and learned that the dog is not current on its vaccinations and that it had bitten a person in Riverbank in May 2018.

Bear did not have information about that attack. Oakdale Animal Control, which contracts with Riverbank, did not return a call from The Bee Thursday.

Sue Siefkin, who lives in the neighborhood, believes the dog is the same one that attacked her over the summer.

On Aug. 21, Siefkin was out for her daily walk when, less than a half-block from where the man was attacked, she rounded a corner and came upon a white pit bull.

“It immediately leaped on top of me, bit my arm, clawed my abdomen and then knocked me to the pavement,” Siefkin said. “It was on top of me, and I just started screaming.”

At that point, the dog let go and ran away.

Siefkin said she suffered a broken left ulna and puncture wounds. She had a cast, is now wearing a brace and is scheduled to begin physical therapy soon.

Siefkin is a retired judge and artist. Corporations and individuals commission her to create quilts for their walls.

“I have not been able to do that since (the attack),” she said. “It is pretty devastating in terms of detouring me from what I like to do.”

Animal control didn’t locate the dog that attacked Siefkin, but she said a neighbor got a photo of it. She is waiting to hear back from an officer about whether it is the same dog that attacked the man.

Bear said the owners of the dog that attacked the man surrendered it to authorities. It will be euthanized following a 10-day quarantine.

Bear did not know if the dog’s owners face any fines.

Erin has been covering breaking news and crime at The Modesto Bee since 2010. She is a Humboldt State graduate and resides in Oakdale.