Gunman who killed Davis Officer Natalie Corona was ordered to surrender AR-15 rifle

The gunman who shot and killed Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona Thursday night has been identified as Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, a 48-year-old man who was ordered last fall to surrender a semiautomatic rifle after he was convicted in a battery case.

Yolo County Superior Court records show Limbaugh was charged in September with battery with serious bodily injury, a incident that a source said stemmed from him punching a co-worker at Cache Creek Casino in the face after a dispute.

The case was resolved as a misdemeanor conviction, and California Department of Justice records show he agreed to surrender a black .223-caliber Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in November.

Court records suggested Limbaugh did not possess any other weapons, and authorities have yet to determine where he obtained the two semiautomatic handguns he may have used in a Thursday night rampage that killed the 22-year-old officer and shot up a surrounding downtown neighborhood.

Davis police had refused to release the name of the gunman, but the Yolo County coroner confirmed his identity Saturday after The Bee published Limbaugh’s name.

Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, 48, seen in his booking photo from 2018, has been identified as the man who shot and killed Davis police officer Natalie Corona, 22, on Thursday, January 10, 2019. Limbaugh was killed by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after a manhunt by police ended as his rental property at 501 E Street in downtown Davis, a block from where Corona was slain. Yolo County Sheriff's Office

Police say that after his rampage he shot himself inside his rental home at 501 E St. in Davis after Corona was killed.

Saturday afternoon, police described evidence found by investigators inside the property, including a note they believe was written by Limbaugh, and two guns found that were not registered to him.

Spokesman Lt. Paul Doroshov said that the one-paragraph letter was found face up on the bed of the gunman. The note reads: “The Davis Police department has been hitting me with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking. I notified the press, internal affairs, and even the FBI about it. I am highly sensitive to its affect (sic) on my inner ear. I did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and I can’t live this way anymore.”

The simple statement was printed and signed “Citizen Kevin Limbaugh.”

Investigators recovered two semiautomatic handguns – a 9 mm and a .45-caliber. To whom the guns were registered remains under investigation, Doroshov said.

The weapons’ profile matches witness descriptions of the firearm Limbaugh allegedly used to kill Corona.

One source said there was little indication before the rampage – other than the battery case – that he was capable of such behavior.

Probation authorities found no other criminal charges or any signs of mental health problems when the battery case was resolved, a source said, and public records show few other dealings with authorities, other than a traffic case in Florida and an unpaid tax lien in New Mexico.

One former roommate, who asked not to be identified, told The Bee that “Kevin had a troubled life and felt trapped and had deep anger issues that he never let any of his friends see.”

“We didn’t see this coming at all,” the roommate said, adding that Limbaugh was “a regular guy” who “had a nice car (and) worked graveyard shifts at a casino.”

“He was making great money but I could tell he absolutely hated his job at the time,” the roommate said, adding, “He might’ve felt like he just couldn’t get his life back together after losing his job at the casino.”

Casino officials confirmed that Limbaugh had worked at Cache Creek and was involved in an altercation in September.

“The incident was reported to the sheriff’s office and the suspect’s employment ended immediately thereafter,” said Cache Creek Casino Resort spokesman Michael Traum.

A source said the court case involving Limbaugh stemmed from a dispute with a co-worker over how Limbaugh was handling slot machines.

Limbaugh punched the co-worker in the face, but the worker did not sustain major injuries and was satisfied when the case was resolved as a misdemeanor, the source said.

Public records show Limbaugh moved around the country over the years, living in Fort Myers, Fla., Mount Pleasant, Mich., and Santa Fe, N.M., as well as Woodland.

His uncle, Gregory Limbaugh, who lives in Owosso, Mich., said he hadn’t spoken to Limbaugh’s father, Rod, in six years and hadn’t seen the gunman in decades.

“Hadn’t seen him in years, hadn’t seen him since he was five years old,” he said.

Gregory Limbaugh said the gunman’s parents divorced many years ago and that he moved to Florida with his mother.

During his time in Fort Myers, Limbaugh pleaded guilty to driving the wrong way on a street in 1995 and failing to appear in court.

A month after settling that case, he was found to be driving on a suspended license and pleaded no contest. Records show he never paid the $135 fine.

Online public records also show Limbaugh owes a $9,746 state tax lien in Bernanillo, N.M., that was filed against him in 2016.

Limbaugh lived in a small, blue-gray house along a busy road in Davis, one block away from where Corona was killed.

Neighbors said they didn’t know much about him. He lived in the home with several roommates and kept to himself, and one roommate said three to five people lived in the house at a time.

“It was like a hangout house,” said Justin, a neighbor who asked that his last name be withheld. “There were always people coming and going.”

Leftover Halloween decorations still hang on the gate outside his front door – a green and black “Beware” sign and a plastic skull.

Kevin Douglas Limbaugh's 2018 court documents

An unsightly brown tarp was pulled tight across the fence in the front yard Saturday, and potted plants that have long been neglected sit below the front window. A calico kitten could be seen moving around inside the home, but there was no sign of other occupants.

“It’s a good group of people who live there,” said Grace, another neighbor who asked that her last name not be used. “It’s unfortunate what happened.”

Down the block, within eyesight of the small house, the Corona family gathered at the shrine marking the spot where Corona was shot and killed Thursday night, crying and holding on to each other.

Volunteers walked down Fifth Street early Saturday tying blue ribbons around every tree, including the old, gnarled tree that stands directly outside Limbaugh’s home. Well over 1,000 mourners came Saturday night to a vigil for Corona at Central Park in Davis.

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