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Coding, construction collide in helpful way; Modesto filled with iconic burger joints

Matthew and Ramcena Grigorian will reopen Scenic Drive-In this Wednesday. A fire closed the business last year.
Matthew and Ramcena Grigorian will reopen Scenic Drive-In this Wednesday. A fire closed the business last year.

Francisco Gaytan was a drywall installer with a background in computer coding.

Those two fields may not seem to mesh, at first thought, but like everything these days, construction is getting more technical. So when Gaytan’s employer had trouble balancing staffing for specific jobs, Gaytan stepped in to help.

“We were really struggling to get manpower,” Gaytan said. “We decided that I would start working on coding an in-house solution for them.”

Apparently, none of the software personnel packages that companies use was suited to the job Gaytan’s employer, CDC Construction of Ceres, needed. As Gaytan explained it, there was software available for general contractors and major projects, but nothing job-by-job.

So Gaytan put his knowledge – he attended college at night while working for a previous employer several years ago – to work.

What he came up with is software that allows subcontractors to schedule their jobs and manage what’s called piecework. This way, workers can get paid upon finishing each task. It makes scheduling more efficient and also tracks hourly work.

Now what Gaytan is working on is a timecard system that will allow workers to sign off on timecards from smartphones in the field, saving time spent driving from site to site to get signatures.

His efforts proved successful enough to market the system to others; with the help of some partners, Gaytan launched Edifica in Ceres.

“We just in February opened it up,” Gaytan said. “We have gotten some users and are working on getting traction.”

Contact Edifica at 209-253-1718 or email

Elsewhere around the Business Beat:

It was great to see the crowds at Scenic Drive-In in Modesto on Wednesday after my colleague Joan Barnett Lee and I reported that the restaurant would be reopening. The owners had a pretty big rebuilding project ahead of them after a fire in August.

A couple of readers pointed out that I neglected to include the address for Scenic Drive-In: You can find it at 1151 Scenic Drive.

Thinking of classic Modesto burger joints, I headed to Fast Eddie’s MOAB (Meal on a Bun) on Tully Road this week. Fast Eddie’s predates Scenic by about four years (it opened in 1952, according to its Facebook page). I was a quasi-regular customer at MOAB when I was in high school, which wasn’t quite that long ago, but close enough. Stopping by this week was like stepping back in time, and the MOAB was just as I remembered.

As I wadded up my burger wrapper, two things occurred to me: 1. Modesto is blessed with several great spots to get a burger, many of them with a long and colorful history. And 2. If I am going to be frequenting these places, I need to be more than a quasi-regular at the gym.

And finally, celebrations at a couple of area businesses:

Dressbarn recently remodeled its store at Marshalls Plaza, 3440 McHenry Ave., Modesto. “We are thrilled to be part of the Modesto business community and play an important role in the lives of the women who live here,” District Manager Evelyn Baert-Lamberg said in a news release. “We want to be the go-to destination for stylish women who crave value-minded fashion, helpful ideas and inspiration.”

And Rita’s Italian Ice, which my colleague Garth Stapley wrote about earlier this year, is having its grand opening celebration. The store, at 2001 McHenry Ave., Modesto, will celebrate the first of spring March 20 by giving away free Italian ices.