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More beer, more space await visitors at Oakdale’s new Last Call Brewing taproom

Step inside Oakdale’s new Last Call Brewing taproom

Last Call Brewing Company in Oakdale, CA has relocated its taproom to the downtown area. The new space is triple the size of the original taproom, which was attached to the craft beer brewery.
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Last Call Brewing Company in Oakdale, CA has relocated its taproom to the downtown area. The new space is triple the size of the original taproom, which was attached to the craft beer brewery.

More beer, longer hours and a whole lot more space await you at the new Last Call Brewing Company taproom in downtown Oakdale.

The craft brewing company has moved its taproom into a new space on First Street, near the heart of Oakdale’s downtown shopping district. Since it opened in summer of 2015, Last Call has had a small taproom attached to its brewery in an industrial area southeast of downtown. Its new taproom location, formerly an antique shop, is three times the size of the former taproom space. In fact, the new space is larger than the whole brewery building, which remains on Shepard Court.

Co-owners Brian Chiara and Josh Garcia said they’re pleased with the brewery’s growth in the last three-plus years, and are excited to show the new taproom off to the public. Before, the taproom was squeezed into about 500 square feet within the brewery, and not climate controlled. The new location has seating for about 60 and expanded hours.

“We were really limited in square footage. We could see people were leaving because there was no place to sit and it was too crowed,” Chiara said. “It was an industrial shop with a roll-up door. If it was cold out, it was cold in the brewery. If it was hot out, it was hot in the brewery.”

The move also allows Chiara and Garcia to brew full-time at their Shepard Court location, instead of twice a week. When the brewery started they were brewing about 10 gallons a week; now they are up to 310 gallons a week.

Joan Barnett Lee

The company’s taproom hours have also greatly expanded from one day a week to now Thursdays through Mondays, starting at noon each day and running until 8 or 10 p.m.

“It’s a huge increase; when we opened we were doing five hours a week. We were really supported heavily by friends and family mostly,” Chiara said. “Now we’re open 44 hours a week. So we have almost10 times more hours, two locations. It’s grown pretty rapidly.”

And we haven’t even talked about the beer yet. The new site will have 16 taps, doubling the previous number. They’ll be pouring all Last Call brews, from its popular Cali Blonde to its Covered Bridge Brown and 108pricot beers. You can get growlers filled or buy Last Call’s canned beers in the taproom.

Joan Barnett Lee

The taproom won’t serve food, but will continue to bring in food trucks and other local vendors for people who want to get their grub on. And, as it has all along, customers are welcome to bring in outside food to eat alongside their pints. The new space is also child and dog friendly, so bring the whole family.

Still, despite all that growth, Chiara and Garcia haven’t given up their day jobs. Chiara and Garcia still work full-time as a paramedic and firefighter, respectively.

“We’re super happy with where we are. When we started Last Call we just wanted to be Oakdale’s brewery and we’re trying to accomplish that; we’re not trying to take over world. Don’t look at Blaker Brewing, Dust Bowl or St. Stan’s as competition. I see them as co-conspirators. We all collaborate together; it’s a really good industry to be in.”

The Last Call Brewing Company will be open to the public starting Thursday, and have a grand opening celebration from 12 to 10 p.m. March 16. The taproom is at 159 N. 1st Ave. in downtown Oakdale. Its hours are noon to 8 p.m. Thursday, Sunday and Monday and noon to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information call 209-322-3781 or visit