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A celebrity screen snap turns into product line for vanity tables

Boxy Girl products can be found at Streaks Salon and Salon Salon in Modesto, Calif.
Boxy Girl products can be found at Streaks Salon and Salon Salon in Modesto, Calif. RPM PR

It all started more than six years ago when Hannah Serimian was building her house in Fresno and wanted vanities set up for her two daughters, then 3 and 12.

“My older daughter was pre-teen and just getting into doing hair and makeup,” Serimian said. She wanted to dedicate areas where they could get ready and store jewelry, makeup and the like. But she couldn’t find anything other than some plastic storage cases that weren’t what she had in mind.

“Then I was watching a TV show and one of the celebrities had a large Lucite box on her counter,” Serimian said. “I literally paused the show and took a screen snap of it.”

She found it online. “But it was very expensive, and big and bulky. It wasn’t anything that was going to live nicely on the vanity.”

So Serimian, whose family owns furniture stores in Fresno and who grew up seeing her father sketching products at the drafting table, went into entrepreneurial mode.

And thus, Boxy Girl was born. The Boxy Girl website describes the box as “strong, durable, stylish and versatile, with stackable nesting trays and add-on options to customize it to your personal needs.”

Boxy Girl organizers are made from Lucite material using an injection mold process. That means no pieces glued together, so they won’t come apart or get makeup residue stuck in the joints, Serimian said.

The boxes are pricey – they start at about $40 – but Serimian points out that you won’t be replacing them. “That’s what’s so great,” she said. “They stand up to daily use. It’s 13 pounds of Lucite.”

Reception has been great since the product launched last year, Serimian said. Recently, Boxy Girl expanded into the Modesto market. The products are available for purchase at Salon Salon and Streaks Salon.

Serimian is no stranger to Modesto.

“My great-grandmother lived in Modesto,” she said. “I used to go there all the time.”

There’s more ahead, with six new products on the horizon after the new year. All will work with the original Boxy Girl.

“They will fit into the footprint of the Boxy Girl,” Serimian said. That’s 10 inches by 10 inches. “You can really design your vanity to fit your needs.”