Turlock flushes water system after coliform detected

The city of Turlock reported that routine testing detected coliform bacteria in the city’s drinking water last month, triggering additional tests to make sure the water was safe to drink.

“The coliform bacteria was only found in a few locations in Turlock,” Municipal Services Director Michael Cooke said in a news release issued Wednesday. “I want to stress to our customers that this is not an emergency and the city’s water was always safe to drink.”

The water first tested positive for coliform March 4. Cooke said the issue was identified, contained and resolved within eight days.

Total coliform is a common bacteria used as a marker in water testing. In general, the bacteria is harmless but a positive test result may indicate the presence of potentially harmful bacteria, such as E. coli or fecal coliform.

Turlock flushed the water system and performed more sampling until there were no traces of coliform, the news release said.

The testing detected no harmful bacteria in the drinking water.