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Mortality rates: Memorial Medical Center in Modesto earns top marks in statewide report

Memorial Medical Center’s ratings in a state report were equaled by only six other hospitals.
Memorial Medical Center’s ratings in a state report were equaled by only six other hospitals. Modesto Bee file

Memorial Medical Center of Modesto stood above most hospitals in a state report on patient mortality.

The hospital, at the corner of Briggsmore Avenue and Coffee Road, scored better than expected in the care of patients for heart failure, pneumonia and two types of stroke.

Memorial’s ratings were equaled by only six other hospitals in California.

The state Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development released the mortality rates this week for six medical conditions and a half-dozen procedures performed in hospitals.

The report, which includes 328 hospitals in California, looked at the numbers for heart attack, stroke, intestinal bleeding, heart failure, hip fractures and pneumonia.

It also considered the number of patients who died after surgery regarding aortic aneurism, the brain, carotid artery, esophageal and pancreatic conditions, and coronary interventions such as placement of stents.

The study for 2014 relied on data that hospitals routinely submit to the state. OSHPD says higher-than-normal mortality suggests there may be deficiencies in hospital care.

According to the study, 26 of the 367 acute-stroke patients admitted to Memorial died, a 6.4 percent rate when adjusted for risk factors including pre-existing health conditions.

About 2 percent of Memorial patients with heart failure died, and the rate was 1.4 percent for pneumonia.

Oak Valley Hospital in Oakdale received a low score for a 16 percent risk-adjusted death rate among patients with pneumonia.

Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Modesto and Manteca, which operate under the same license, scored better than average for acute stroke.

In Turlock, Emanuel Medical Center’s numbers for heart failure were better than expected – just 1.1 percent of 295 patients died. Emanuel was worse than expected for hip fractures, with almost 7 percent mortality.

Doctors Medical Center of Modesto was rated worse-than-expected for patients with heart failure.

All of the hospitals in Stanislaus County were average for the six medical procedures.

When compared against a statewide average, 42 percent of the hospitals statewide had mortality numbers well above the bar for at least one condition or medical procedure.

About 22 percent of the hospitals had worse-than-expected mortality under one or more categories.

The OSHPD report, titled “Hospital Inpatient Mortality Indicators for California, 2014,” is at

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