Vital Statistics

Stanislaus County Dissolutions of Marriage (07/25/16)

CULBERTSON, Nancy and Dennis

CASTANEDA, Mariana and Miguel

OLSEN, Lisa and Edward

DOUGLAS, William and Brenda


CRAIG, Julianne and Zachary

VANDUSEN, Troy and Donna

COSTILLA, Amanda and Jesus

RASMUSSEN, Alicia and Kevin

ZIMPEL, Christine and Daniel

ENGLAND, Alyssa and Christopher

BRAMMER, Robert and BARCELLES, Teresa

HERNANDEZ, Maria and PALOMARES, Salvador

KALLAS, Kathy and Andrew

HINTON, James and HARRIS, Karrie

PETREE, Stevee and Kristopher

ALVAREZ, Hilda and Juan

WIGGINS, Jessie and James

GARCIA, Monica and Robert

GILBERTSON, Alissa and Scott

ERB, Dolores and SILVA, Jeffery

JIMENEZ, Maria and OCHOA, Candelario

RIVERA, Nicholas and Mary

SANCHEZ, Indelisa and VILCHIS, Jose

CORTEZ, Gabriel and Angelita

BOYD, Lee and Heleneh

STIENING, Courtney and Dalton

BUENROSTRO, Maria and PRADO, Arturo

WEST, Robert and Nicki

ORENDAIN, Stephanie and LOPEZ, Eliseo

CARPENTER, Seana and Lavell

DICKSON, Tiffany and HEADRICK, James

HUNDAL, Baljinder and Simranjeet

MEDVED, Raymond and Amanda

RABY, Arnold and NIP, Cynthia

LOEBEL, Lisette and Robert

HAUBRUGE, Christopher and Alissa

CRAFTON, John and Lisa

COVARRUBIAS, Maribel and AGUILAR, Javier

CASTILLO, Carmen and Gonzalo

THORNTON, Ashley and Dustin

FREITAS, Debora and Gerald