Vital Statistics

Stanislaus County birth announcements (12/10/18)

The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center and Emanuel Medical Center. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center, do not provide the information. Families can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section. For information, call 209-578-2326.



Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

November 28

ETTER: Cassie and Tyler, Stockton, girl

KOEHLER: Kristin and Davin, Oakdale, girl

November 29

CAIN: Rachel and William Anselmi, Stockton, girl

DUENAS: Ana and Jose Mares, Stockton, boy

November 30

TIFFANY: Anissa and David Maes-Tyson, Manteca, boy

FLETCHER: Sheldy and Kodi, Oakdale, girl

DEWITT: Tanya and Coyle Travis, Tracy, boy

BELL-ESPINOZA: Caitlin and Gabriel Bell, Modesto, boy

PERRY: Tamara and Cristian Ortega, Patterson, boy

December 1

AUNE: Madelyne and Tyler, Pleasanton, girl

TOMA: Sonya and Basam Yalda, Modesto, girl

December 2

RIOS: Gisela and Sebastian Martinez-Cedillo, Lathrop, girl

ZAMORA: Adilene and Joshua, Atwater, girl

December 3

KUTCH: Jasmine and Mike Miller, Jr., Manteca, boy

RAVEN: Kristen and Ira Asturi, Modesto, boy

DURAN: Kandy and Jose Duran-Flores, Jr., Riverbank, boy

GONZALES: Christina and Paul, Tracy, boy

KEYSER: Sabrina and Nathan, Escalon, girl

December 4

GAINEY: Danielle and David Beane, Modesto, girl

SANDY: Carmina and Steven Stacy, Newman, boy

DIAZ: Kimberly, Stockton, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

November 29

GARCIA: Angelica, Turlock, boy

December 1

SAWICKI: Synthia, Ceres, girl

December 2

GARDNER: Kristal, Turlock, girl

December 3

CARDENAS: Evarista and Everardo Mancera, Delhi, boy