Vital Statistics

Stanislaus County Dissolutions (03/26/16)

PEREZ, Robert and Joanna

BALLOU, Nicole G. and BLAZIN, James J.

GOULARTE, Megan and Michael

SORAN, Mark S. and Kimberley

ENGLAND, Steven A. and Gail

BONSON, Alyson N. and Derek A.

EASLEY, Leland M. and Trina R.

CISNEROS, Ashley and Cory


GUTIERREZ, Patricia and Jose D.

AVALOS-ZAMORA, Adriana L. and SILVA, Jose T.

PECK, Alisa M. and Lance J.

NIEMANN, Karl W. and Gina A.

HANSEN, David H. and Judith K.

PRICE, Elizabeth J. and Robert

CASTRO, Ismael and CORREA, Leonor

DAVIS, Ebony S. and FAWEHINMI, Oluwa D.

NICOL-JONES, Yolande M. and JONES, Edward D.

BELL, Michelle and John J.

RAZO, Claudia O. and BARAJAS, Jose A.

DAVIS, Danielle M. and Donald L.

KING, Wayne L. and Tanya Y.


SINGH, Ranjit and KAUR, Jaswant

TUMLIN, Aaron A. and Elizabeth Y.

GHECEA, Anthony and Desiree

MOFFIT, Anthony A. and GUERRERO, Maricela M.

FALLA, Shane A. and Teresa D.

BECERRA, Maribel I. and Celestino

NICOLODI, Ann M. and Jason A.

RODRIGUEZ, Lissette and Raymond

NELSON, Travis K. and DEARMORE, Kate I.


BRUNER, Hahns V. and Miriana M.

NORMAN, Karren L. and DAUGHTERY, William D.

TABAGO, Fernando J. and SUMMERLIN, Jasmine D.

GUZMAN, Amanda and David J.

HELZER, Jennifer and GRIFFIN, Derek

AUGUSTUS, James and Melissa

BENAVIDEZ, Nirla and Mario V.

ORLOV, Natalya V. and YASHCHISHEN, Vasiliy

ISLAS, David M. and Archelle

HENSON, Jennifer K. and Coey J.

RECORD, Mackenzie and INZUNZA, Padro

MOLTRUM, Daija and Daniel R.

RODRIGUEZ, Arazelle A. and NORRIS, Jason S.

LOPEZ, Edwin E. and RODRIGUEZ, Gabriela I.

SUMTER, Heather and Melvin

STILLFORD, Lindsay J. and Garrick J.

JUAREZ, Rachel C. and MURILLO, Aaron J.

CASILLAS, Christina M. and Antonio

WESSMAN, Sharon A. and Jeffery S.

CISNEROS, Jose M. and MORENO, Victoria

WOLFORD, Carl G. and Angela L.

WILLINGER, Karis R. and Jonathan

BRADSHAW, Jacob D. and Victoria

CERNA, Jesus and Valeria N.

CALDERON, Joaquin L. and PENALOZA, Artura L.

PEREZ, Javier U. and Norma R.

COUNTER, Amanda E. and HOBBS, Jacob M.

DORR, Kristin and WILCOXSON, David N.

BAKER, Amanda and Michael D.

WALL, Paul L. and WHEAT, Jamie R.

TRELLES, Maria I. and GONZALEZ, Elias B.

LIM, Chanty and REACH, Sorourn

BLOUNT, Annalisa C. and David B.

JOHNSON, Kashmere M. and Joseph T.

MORENO, Liliana and Javier A.

PRYSCHUK, Wendy M. and Nick

LOPEZ, Rosa A. and HERNANDEZ, Jorge E.

JUAREZ, Griselda and SANCHEZ, Jesus S.

SOUZA, Cheryl A. and Jeffrey S.

BOGARD, Gary L. and Elizabeth A.

COLEMAN, Christopher F. and Rachael D.

MORENO, Raquel and Arnoldo

GOMEZ, Juan C. and LABRADA, Martha A.

NEVITT, Brian S. and Natalie J.

PATEL, Amita and Naresh M.

FERNANDEZ, Rudolfo A. and Yolanda C.

DHALIWAL, Sukhraj S. and Manpreet K.

LAMUNYON, Darla S. and Scott L.

YOUNG, Lauren D. and Sean A.

PATTERSON-VEST, Sharon and VEST, Michael


STONE, Alicia L. and Craig T.

OFISA, Lawana F. and Joseph F.

LANDERS, Joseph A. and Sheyenne M.

SPICER, Dana E. and NORMAN, Ollie S.

GULICK, Shawn M. and LAVENDER, Kayla J.

ALVAREZ, Maria D. and MOTA, Pedro R.

OROZCO, Jennifer and Alex

BRAYE, Johnathan and LANDINGHAM, Crystal

VELARDE, Rosario and CURIEL, Jose G.

RODRIGUEZ, Sandra P. and Alonso

ROSALES, Cristina and Fermin H.

HEINZEN, Angelina and Robert

ESTRADA, Jose J. and Jessica R.

NEWELL, Jessica J. and Victor J.

ZAAIJER, Christina L. and Jeroen

KATZ, Esther H. and Christopher M.