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DVD REVIEW: 'Chasing Sound' tells how much Les Paul really invented

You start watching the Les Paul bio, "Chasing Sound," and you think, "Oh, that's right, Les Paul invented that." Then, "Oh yeah, and that." Then another. And again and again. You start to lose track. Finally you realize it -- forget Elvis, the Beatles or the Stones. Rock 'n' roll, modern music and so many other things don't exist without Les Paul.

Electric guitars, multitrack recording, vinyl LPs, guitar effects, recording techniques -- the list is endless and brilliantly captured by the new PBS show, which has been airing regularly for a month and comes out Tuesday (Aug. 14) in an expanded DVD format.

Paul's pack-rat tendencies result in a rich documentary about how he got and executed his ideas. His inventions are only part of the story (and only part of the reason that adoring fans such as Keith Richards and Paul McCartney appear in the film). Paul was a huge music star with Mary Ford back in the day and continues to play a weekly gig in a New York City club. His signature guitar, the Gibson Les Paul, is still the cornerstone of rock music.

"Chasing Sound" breezily puts it all together, melding music and history in a way that's informative and highly entertaining.

"Les Paul: Chasing Sound"

Koch Vision

Grade: A