Central West Ballet brings triple-bill ‘Creations’ to Modesto’s Gallo Center

Central West Ballet

Modesto’s professional ballet company is bringing its three “Creations” to the stage.

Contemporary, modern and neoclassical ballets make up the triple-bill program of dance from Central West Ballet. “Creations, Choreography in America” is a repertory program that gives audiences an opportunity to view a variety of dance styles. It runs Friday and Saturday, March 22-23, at the Gallo Center for the Arts.

“‘Creations’ is making an official comeback to our annual season,” Rene Daveluy, Central West Ballet’s artistic director, said in an email interview. “In recent years, the program had changed due to specific grant projects and other full-length productions. We are excited for the return of ‘Creations’ because it is a favorite program of the dancers as they get to stretch their wings in different dance styles. ‘Creations’ also offers an alternative for that part of our audience who prefer modern and contemporary styles.”

The program consists of three ballets:

“Creations” opens with “Summer Rhapsody,” which Daveluy choreographed in 2005 and restaged at Central West Ballet last year. “This ballet draws on summer memories at the coast depicted by images painted on a canvas of contemporary dance,” he said.

The second ballet is “Beneath Existence,” which premiered in 2011. It’s the second work in a trilogy that Daveluy has been developing over the last decade, a “cutting-edge work juxtaposing a minimalist style of dance with grand-scale choreography,” he said..

Finally is a Broadway-style ballet, “A Parisian in New York,” with music and choreography by Daveluy as an “inventive homage to movies like ‘An American In Paris’.” It’s a “dreamlike ballet often reflecting the story line in a Broadway musical, normally taking place towards the end of the show.”

The three ballets were chosen for their “respective character and color scheme,” Daveluy said. “‘Summer Rhapsody’ is joyful and light, ‘Beneath Existence’ is of a darker mood and modern in approach, and ‘A Parisian in New York’ is a colorful and entertaining short-story ballet.”

The first two ballets are ensemble-based, with numerous duets or pas de deux, while “A Parisian in New York” was choreographed as a vehicle for principal dancer Nicole Firpo, “showcasing her acting talents and her romantic charisma,” according to Daveluy.

The production debuted in Tracy last weekend and was well-received, he said.

Daveluy said Modesto audiences can “expect to be moved, entertained and experience a variety of dance styles, wonderfully performed and showcasing the versatility and theatrical power of Central West Ballet dancers.“

Audiences also will be able to appreciate the athletic as well as artistic talents of the company’s dancers.

“‘Creations’ is an opportunity to see the art of dance in different forms in an entertaining and original way,” Daveluy said. “It is a high-energy performance, athletic and emotionally fulfilling. It is a feast for the eyes.”

“Creations, Choreography in America”

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday, March 22-23

WHERE: Gallo Center for the Arts, 1000 I St., Modesto

TICKETS: $25-$35

ONLINE: www.galloarts.org