Night Life: Events across the Modesto region

BARKIN’ DOG GRILL ▪  209-572-2341

May 5, Patty Castillo Davis & Tim Allen; May 8, Blue Monday; May 9, Tuesday Poetry with Gillian Wegener & MoSt; May 11, open jam with David Dow; May 12, Hot Club Faux Gitane. 940 11th St., Modesto.

BATTERED BEAVER ▪  209-847-7147

Thursdays, Ladies Night; Fridays, DJ Arnie and DJ T; Saturdays, DJ Awal. 108 N. Yosemite Ave., Oakdale.

THE BOARDROOM ▪  209-409-8665

Fridays-Saturdays, DJs. 1528 J St., Modesto.

THE BRAVE BULL ▪  209-529-6712

May 5, Fiesta Latino; May 6, Jade & Monica. Fridays-Saturdays, DJ Eddie; Sundays, Bull-Ettes Drag Show. 701 S. Ninth St., Modesto.

CAFE URBANO ▪  209-622-1108

Mondays, paint night; Fridays, live house DJ. 1016 H St., Modesto.

CLARION HOTEL ▪  209-521-1612

Mondays, open-mike night; Tuesdays, tropical Latin nights; Wednesdays, Creole Jazz Kings; Thursdays, Vibes & Verbs, The Fine Line; Saturdays, Soul Saturdays. 1612 Sisk Road, Modesto.


Tuesdays, karaoke; Fridays, DJ Arnie; Saturdays, DJ Tease; Sundays, Dragalicious drag show. 607 Seventh St., Modesto.

DEVA ▪  209-572-3382

Sundays, live music. 1202 J St., Modesto.

EL JARDIN ▪  209-588-0770

Thursdays, live jazz. 76 Washington St., Sonora.

EL ROSAL ▪  209-869-4145

Thursdays, 6-9 p.m., Carlos Martinez. 2542 Patterson Road, Riverbank.

FRUIT YARD ▪  209-577-3093

Thursdays, Sandy Maule; Fridays, Turn It Up Karaoke; Saturdays, Scott Foster. www.thefruityard.com

LAS MARGARITAS GRILL ▪  209-847-5606

Fridays, Angel Jasso. 1214 W. F St., Oakdale.

MAIN STREET INN ▪  209-599-0095

Fridays, DJ Lamont. 130 E. Main St., Ripon.

MIDWAY CLUB ▪  209-537-4900

Tuesdays-Sundays, karaoke. 1419 Mitchell Road, Ceres.

NINO’S PLACE ▪  209-578-6522

Wednesdays, line dancing; Thursdays, live music; Fridays, live country; Saturdays, live rock. 5219 McHenry Ave., Modesto.

THE OTHER PLACE ▪  209-524-2450

Wednesdays-Thursdays, karaoke contest; Fridays-Saturdays, country bands. 2003 Yosemite Blvd., Modesto.

P. WEXFORD’S PUB ▪  209-576-7939

Mondays, open mic night; Tuesdays, trivia; Wednesdays, Neil Buettner; Thursdays, Johnny and Kelly; Fridays-Saturdays, live music. 3313 McHenry Ave., Modesto.

PALLADIUM ▪  209-522-8899

Thursdays-Saturdays, DJs. 950 10th St., Modesto.

THE PARTISAN ▪  209-723-0599

Mondays, open mike; Tuesdays, trivia; Wednesdays, karaoke; Thursdays-Fridays, the social. 432 W. Main St., Merced.


Fridays, karaoke with Luke and Shirley. 12765 Mueller Drive, Groveland.


Sundays, open mike for comedy, music and poetry. Hosted by K-Cizzl. 1126 14th St., Modesto.


Fridays-Tuesdays, Clovis King; Wednesdays-Thursdays, karaoke with Brad. 2401 E. Orangeburg Ave., Modesto.

RIVER’S EDGE ▪  209-881-3466

Saturdays, Carlos Martinez. 17525 Sonora Road, Knights Ferry

SANTA FE STATION ▪  209-521-0492

Fridays-Saturdays, Elias Loreto; Mondays, Fridays-Saturdays, DJs. 4929 Yosemite Blvd., Empire.

SKEWERS RESTAURANT ▪  209-525-3611

Fridays, DJ; Saturdays, live belly dancing and DJ. 906 J St., Modesto.

SPEAK EASY LOUNGE ▪  209-238-3907

Wednesdays, open-mike night for music and comedy. 928 12th St., Modesto.

STRINGS ▪  209-669-9777

Fridays, In One Accord. 1501 Geer Road, Turlock.

SURLA’S ▪  209-550-5555

Thursdays, live entertainment. 431 12th St., Modesto.

TIKI COCKTAIL LOUNGE ▪  209-577-9969

Tuesdays, karaoke with DJ Andre; third Wednesdays, Wig-Out Wednesday with Nina West; Thursdays and Saturdays, hip-hop and dance with DJ Andre. 932 McHenry Ave., Modesto.

TILTED TURTLE ▪  209-248-5400

Mondays, DJ; Thursdays, EDM/hip-hop with DJ Dan Utica; Fridays-Saturdays, live rock/country bands; Sundays, live classic country or rock music jam. 710 N. Ninth St., Modesto.

VITO’S RISTORANTE ▪  209-576-1851

Tuesdays, live music. 918 13th St., Modesto.

YOSEMITE LANES ▪  209-524-9161

Fridays, DJ JL and Awol; Saturdays, bands. 2301 Yosemite Blvd., Modesto.