Readers' Choice

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Dear Readers,

One of my favorite things is walking into a local business – whether it be a retail store, a restaurant, car dealership or the like – and seeing a banner or certificate noting it as a Modesto Bee Reader’s Choice winner.


Not only does it proudly display the confidence and credibility they have as a business, but also reaffirms the strength of The Modesto Bee’s audience reach in our community.


The Modesto Bee Reader’s Choice Awards, which have become a staple of the local business environment over the past 12 years, reward and promote local businesses that have earned the trust, the loyalty and the love of their customers. Local businesses just like the ones featured in this special section.


In here you will see local businesses voted the best in a variety of categories.


I encourage you to hold on to this section or bookmark it online and use it as a reference through the year to find the best in our region. I would like to congratulate all of the businesses featured in this section and to thank them for all they do for our local economy. Now let’s all do our part – let’s shop local and enjoy all that our regional businesses have to offer. 


Eric Johnston
Publisher and President
The Modesto Bee


For the list of winners, click here.