Letters to the Editor

Terrence Nolan: Reagan left a legacy of hateful politics

A recent letter (“Top of the ninth, voters on deck,” Oct. 26) claimed that during this midterm election, if you favor Obama you would vote Democratic, while if you favor Reagan you will vote Republican. As for the Republican Party today, the current cast of fringe ideologues that masquerade as party leaders would not tolerate the “moderate” Great Communicator.

Letters to the Editor

Nancy Collins: Why doesn’t Bee report this news?

I seem to have missed articles in The Bee about Oregon’s “first lady” marrying an Ethiopian so he could stay in the USA; about voting machines in Cook County, Ill., and Maryland that change Republican votes to Democrats, and about the report that came out on Oct. 24 regarding the important issue of hundreds of non-citizens voting in recent past elections.

Letters to the Editor

Christine McGregor: MID mismanaged; has other options

Love the headline, “MID will consider hiking rates for electricity” (Page B1, Oct. 29). Well consider it done. I’m so tired of MID feeling this is the only way to make ends meet. I worked for SMUD (electric company in Sacramento) for 23 years. They hardly ever raise their rates. First they freeze hiring, freeze salaries, don’t fill positions of employees that have left or retired, take away vacation days or Holidays. Then when they raise the rates on average of every 5-8 years it is like 1-2 percent. There is so much mismanagement at MID it isn’t even funny. Start “in house” for a few years instead of your answer being to raise rates all the time.


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