Letters to the Editor

Dave, Marlene Murphy: Choice is clear, it’s Soiseth

Re “Brem's experience makes him best choice” (Letters, Oct. 14): We have to agree with one sentence from the demeaning letter written by a member of Mike Brem’s steering committee: “Rarely has there been such a clear-cut choice.” Contrary to what the writer tried to convey in his patronizing letter, that candidate is Gary Soiseth.


Llewellyn Boyle: Tuck’s plans won’t work; vote for Torlakson

Marshall Tuck, candidate for California superintendent of Schools, has run an ad campaign that, while emotionally appealing, omits an important truth: his business model. Tuck’s corporate-funded campaign supports private, for-profit charter schools that are not accountable to local voters. He favors high-stakes testing, union-busting and the general privatization of what should be a public enterprise. It’s no wonder that eight of 10 teachers in Tuck’s Los Angeles area charter schools gave Tuck a resounding vote of “no confidence.”

Letters to the Editor

John Mataka: Sheriff wants to arrest immigrants

Re “Law Enforcement in state less helpful to ICE” (Page A3, Oct. 18): Sheriff Adam Christianson was quoted saying: “Frankly, I think we’re releasing people into the community that shouldn’t be back in the community. Every time there’s a crime there’s a victim, and that victim deserves justice.”


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