Letters to the Editor

Suzanne Houlden: Amy Bublak has helped the city, deservers your vote

I’m writing to encourage Turlock voters in District 4 to re-elect Amy Bublak to Turlock’s City Council. In every conversation I’ve had with Amy, one thing that is clear is her devotion to our community. She has a vision for Turlock that preserves its uniqueness while working to increase its economic potential.

Bublak brings to the city council role a long history of dedicated community service. She was a police officer for 23 years, a three-time vice mayor, and has been a member of the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority, among other key roles.

She is also a leader in economic development, helping taxpayers save millions in Redevelopment Agency funds. These savings were used to pay for reconstruction of the Carnegie Arts Center and for improvements to several community landmarks. Redevelopment Agency savings were also used for improvements to the Westside utilities infrastructure, which brought jobs to Turlock.

Amy Bublak has played a vital role in the many good things that have recently come to Turlock. She still has so much to offer our fine city, so many more great things to help us achieve. District 4, join me in voting for Amy in November.

Suzanne Houlden, Turlock