Letters to the Editor

Lisa Battista: TJ Cox has what it takes to beat Denham

As a former candidate in the 2018 race to unseat Rep. Jeff Denham, I’m pleased to announce my endorsement of Democrat TJ Cox for Congress.

The first thing I noticed about TJ is his intellect. He has a sharp, creative mind that combines an engineer’s logic with an entrepreneur’s vision. He will have no trouble going toe-to-toe with Denham on any issue.

I was also impressed with TJ’s community development work. He identifies needs, finds solutions and implements them, as seen in his work establishing community health clinics, job training centers and educational facilities in economically distressed areas of the Central Valley.

What ultimately sold me on TJ, though, is his integrity. He really listens to people. He lights up when he talks about helping people who haven’t gotten a fair shake in life. He brings a refreshing ethic of public service. He’s in this for the right reasons.

TJ enjoys support from Democrats across the spectrum and even some moderate Republicans. He already has an active volunteer base, and his list of endorsements is growing every day. He’s a builder, problem-solver, and empowering force. I believe he has what it will take to win in November.

Lisa Battista, Modesto