Snelling man ruled unsuitable for parole

Rodrigo Orozco, 45, of Snelling was found unsuitable for parole at a Dec. 7 hearing at Solano State Prison.

In 1983, Orozco’s mother, selling items door to door, attempted to sell her products to George Shafer.

Shafer, who was 78 and senile, displayed a large amount of cash to her. Orozco learned from his mother that Shafer had a significant amount of cash and planned to rob him with an accomplice, Manuel Barcello.

Accoring to authorities, Orozco and Barcello gagged Shafer’s mouth and tied him up by the neck, hands and feet, and also beat him, fracturing seven ribs. They then stole his cash and two guns and left him.

Shafer strangled to death within a few hours.

Orozco and Barcello were convicted of first-degree murder, robbery and burglary in 1983 and sentenced to life in prison. Barcello’s next hearing will be in 2011.