What they're saying about Steve Kang

'He brings a level of intensity to the job. Quiet intensity. He understands the task at hand and how important it is. I'm glad he's chancellor. He was my top choice.'

-- Josh Franco, public policy graduate and student body president in 2006-07

'He is very soft-spoken, very contemplative. He's quiet and thoughtful. He needs good information. When he satisfies those requirements, he becomes a tenacious proponent of his stances.'

-- Carol Whiteside, former president of the Great Valley Center, a Modesto-based think tank under UC Merced's direction

'The first thing I noticed is that he's a personable individual. The way he carries himself, it's hard not to

like him.'

-- Fred Ruiz, UC regent and Dinuba businessman

'He's humble. His struggle gives him a particularly unique perspective on the students coming to UC Merced. Students have respect for him.'

-- Robert Dynes, outgoing University of California president

'He's demonstrated, I think, a genuine interest in the community outside of the confines of the university'

-- Lee Andersen, Merced County superintendent of schools

'He's very down to earth, he doesn't seem snobby or act like he's above anybody'

-- Brenda Ramirez, psychology junior

'He's very energetic and outgoing and reaches out to people. He's a collaborative sort of person. He's a visionary; he's someone who sees

a future for UC Merced.'

-- Shawn Kantor, economics professor and Academic Senate chairman

'Because of his background, he's not afraid of the impossible -- he knows the impossible is possible'

-- Fred Ruiz

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