Sacramento sheriff's detective killed

SACRAMENTO -- More than 100 police, sheriff's detectives and federal agents scoured south Sacramento late Wednesday and were poised today to launch the second massive manhunt in less than two years for the killer of a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy.

Sheriff's Detective Vu Nguyen, 37, died Wednesday evening from a bullet wound to the neck. He had been with the department 10 years.

Nguyen was in pursuit of a young man in a puffy camouflage jacket when his partner said he heard shots just after 2 p.m.

The partner said he found Nguyen lying in a back yard, his revolver drawn and a bullet wound in his neck.

Sheriff John McGinness said Wednesday that officers would search the area until they found the suspect or were convinced that he had slipped away.

Sheriff's spokesman Tim Curran said Nguyen was in the neighborhood with his partner, both in plain clothes with sheriff's vests, to make routine contacts with gang members.

Curran said Nguyen and his partner pulled up at a house where known gang members live and made eye contact with a slender, 5-foot, 4-inch Asian man, whom they did not know.

The man -- who appeared to be 18 to 20 years old -- ran. Nguyen sprinted after him while his partner drove around the block, hoping to head off the man during the chase, Curran said.

The partner called for help, Curran said.

Then he heard two shots, parked and found Nguyen lying in a back yard.