Ron Agostini

Agostini’s Two-Minute Drill: Peyton, Brady would have handed it off

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ If I’m Peyton Manning and “slant pass” is signaled to me when I’m 1 yard away from a championship, I spit toward the direction of the bench and hand off the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

▪ After twisting my brain into crazy shapes this week trying to see it from the Seahawks’ view: You hand off the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

▪ Russell Wilson, for all his qualities, doesn’t yet possess the street cred to overrule a must-be-kidding call. Especially on that stage.

▪ It is a first-guess, Plan A, playing to your strength. Or, you out-think yourself.

▪ Too bad it ended like that. The call was a distraction from one of the best-ever Super Bowls.

▪ Why we watch the Super Bowl at the moment of truth: Richard Sherman in shock, Tom Brady jumping up and down like a third-grader.

▪ Brady must pay the taxes and give his Chevy truck to rookie Malcolm Butler. It was the perfect play by a DB on the goal line.

▪ And that’s what it took for the Seahawks to lose: Impeccable reaction by Butler to a risky pass.

▪ Salida Rotary Club member Katherine Borges nailed it about her town’s most famous athlete: Salida-born Frank Chance of the famed Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance double-play trio from a century ago.

▪ And I always thought the best-ever Salida product was Claude Terry (Modesto High, Stanford basketball, NBA).

▪ Seeing all that joy from athletes and family on signing day is great ... unless the athlete plays stupid hat tricks.

▪ There’s something uncomfortable about teenagers showing up institutions that have been around much longer than them.

▪ The late African American golfer Charlie Sifford accomplished greater things than Jackie Robinson. Why? Because Sifford did it alone.

▪ Tiger Woods’ last six tournaments: Three withdrawals, three missed cuts.

▪ A sad new development: His short game has disappeared, which has nothing to do with injuries.

▪ Syracuse’s self-imposed postseason ban reminds me of the student who heads toward the corner before the teacher orders him.

▪ But in this case, the teacher (the NCAA) will have more to say.

▪ Diana Taurasi’s sitting out the WNBA season, honoring a request from the Russian team which will pay her $1.5 million, underscores the WNBA’s ongoing problem: It pays its athletes pennies compared to overseas.

▪ Not sure how the Raiders’ Jack Del Rio and Ken Norton Jr. will work out, but: They’ll look the part on the sideline.

▪ Central Catholic football star Jared Rice is tabbed for Fresno State, leading to Tim DeRuyter’s next question: Hey, Jared, how’s your brother doing? (Justin Rice totaled 2,146 yards, 30 touchdowns last season.)

▪ Why Gonzaga will be a threat in the NCAA Tournament: The starting lineup is first-rate, and they’re all upperclassmen.

▪ Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer drew the judge’s ire for making a Deflategate joke. Nothing wrong, of course, with bringing up pounds-per-square-inch during a murder trial.

▪ The latest injury probably means career end for Bode Miller, 37, who always made downhill racing more compelling to watch.

▪ Say it like you mean it: If Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut stay healthy, the Warriors could win the whole thing.

▪ When you know you’re “it” – high school players are copying Curry’s pull-back release.

▪ Six days later, I’m still curious about Left Shark.

▪ Brady officially has walked into Joe Montana’s neighborhood. He earned it with those two fourth-quarter touchdown drives.

▪ Brady’s best argument vs. Montana and the rest: He’s been to six Super Bowls and should be 5-1.

▪ And the ultimate trump card: Without hesitation, he would have handed off the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

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