Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini’s Two-Minute Drill: Even Tiger went home early from this Super Bowl

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ Just think about how it will be when the Super Bowl someday matches the attendance of the Phoenix Open.

▪ The golf tournament near the Super Bowl site drew 118,461 Friday. Wonder if they asked for a refund after Tiger Woods’ first-nine 44.

▪ Never thought this would happen: Tiger becoming an object of sympathy.

▪ A routine occurrence almost every week Tiger tees it up: He bunts a 3-wood, followed by a young gun (Jordan Spieth at Phoenix) who airmails a driver 80 yards past him.

▪ Too many injuries. Too many swing changes. One too many crashed fire hydrants.

▪ Go figure: The lower Tiger’s game plummets, the nicer he gets to the media.

▪ Give Tiger credit for his first words after his 82: “I’m doing this so I won’t get fined.”

▪ Sunday gives us a matchup of the NFL’s best teams – and its least popular.

▪ In Bill Belichick, Richard Sherman, Deflategate and the Legion of Boom, we have a Super Bowl Hangover before the fact.

▪ Remember Commissioner Roger Goodell as the NFL’s Huggy Bear on draft day? These days, he’s hunkering down in his bunker.

▪ The First Tee of Central Valley has opened its new downtown office – only a few feet away from the old Modesto Relays office.

▪ Arizona State’s students have been hilarious with their “Curtain of Distraction.” They’re so good that Turlock High has its own.

▪ Last year’s five high school football state champions will be expanded next season to 13. This is a public service announcement from the follow-the-money department.

▪ Attendance has increased at Cal State Stanislaus men’s basketball games. Must be something about winning.

▪ Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski no longer is Coach K. He’s Coach 1K.

▪ Modesto’s Kendall Wesenberg became the first American woman to win a European Cup skeleton race. Just trying that would be enough for me.

▪ For those who haven’t yet seen it, watch the Warriors’ Klay Thompson and his 37-point third quarter against the Kings. Jaw-dropping.

▪ The ultimate heat check: Thompson’s baseline triple. He almost looked.

▪ Well-earned: The Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins will make his first All-Star Game appearance as a replacement for Kobe Bryant.

▪ Living in permanent fast-forward: This year marks the 25th anniversary of Joe Montana’s last Super Bowl victory and the 20th for Steve Young.

▪ The memories will become more distant when the Jim Tomsula-Geep Chryst-Eric Mangini 49ers take the field.

▪ It appears the closest the 49ers will get to The Big One will be next year – when the game comes to Levi’s.

▪ The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig said, “The principal rivals are the Cardinals. It’s not San Francisco.” From the gift that keeps on giving.

▪ Meanwhile, you can admire the Giants’ World Series trophies – all three since 2010 – at Modesto Centre Plaza on Feb. 17.

▪ While no one is watching: Colin Kaepernick (Turlock) working with Kurt Warner, plotting his comeback season.

▪ Katy Perry says, “Nothing in my halftime performance will be deflated.” Cute.

▪ Uneasy spectators: The Green Bay Packers.

▪ Russell Wilson is channeling Brett Favre – at least twice a game, an up-for-grabs pass that somehow finds a friendly receiver.

▪ The NFL promises there will be more security surrounding the footballs. I’m thinking a couple of M1 Abrams tanks.

▪ Almost lost in the uproar: We might actually have a good Super Bowl game.

▪ No predictions, just a fact: Either the Seahawks or the Patriots will lose. After this troubling NFL season, there’s nothing else left.

▪ Even Tiger went home early.

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