Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: He’s no longer ‘Jim nobody from nowhere’

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▪ Jim Tomsula did not “win the press conference” when he was introduced by the 49ers. Funny, but the last time I checked, he’s still 0-0 in 2015.

▪ Tomsula can thank his ham-handed bosses for giving him no margin for error next season.

▪ He worked for three different 49er coaching regimes. May he coach as well as he gets along.

▪ Tomsula’s best non-football quality: No pretense to the man. None.

▪ The Raiders won’t ask for much from new coach Jack Del Rio, other than saving the franchise in Oakland.

▪ If Al Davis were still alive, his first question about Del Rio: What’s his time in the 40?

▪ Conclusions about the hires: Del Rio is as good as the Raiders could have hoped. Tomsula is a blank page. Who really knows?

▪ Level-headed observers understood: With all of the options out there, Jim Harbaugh was not going to be the next head coach of the Raiders.

▪ Not urgent, but: It would be wise for Modesto Junior College to move a little faster on naming its next football coach.

▪ Short memory dept.: The Broncos showed more patience with John Elway than Elway showed with John Fox.

▪ The logical extension of today’s NFL thought process: One coach holds the Super Bowl trophy each year, while everyone else is fired.

▪ Ohio State to Harbaugh and Michigan: Bring it on.

▪ Next time they’re in the championship game, the Oregon Ducks might try to wear their school colors. They looked like a team that left their uniforms at home.

▪ Prediction: If Cal ever reaches the Rose Bowl – I’m guessing around 2050 – the Bears won’t be decked out in orange and chartreuse.

▪ Telling stat: In eight of Oregon’s 11 losses since Mark Helfrich joined the staff, opponents had 10 or more days to prepare.

▪ Translation: Good teams, when given time to prepare, are not intimidated by Oregon’s 5,000-rpm offense.

▪ Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones will stay with the Buckeyes. Smart move, even for Superman after three starts.

▪ Bank on it: The bracket grows to eight within five years.

▪ One prediction for Championship Weekend: The Patriots’ Bill Belichick will blur, but not cross, the lines of legality one more time.

▪ An agonizing time for the Broncos’ Peyton Manning: Do I stay or do I go?

▪ Manning threw 39 touchdown passes this season. Even now, he’s better than most. One more season.

▪ The Giants signed ex-Royals outfielder Nori Aoki. Hard to figure what impressed them the most: Aoki’s one home run last season or his 1 for 14 World Series.

▪ Aoki gives the Giants another Gregor Blanco. For better or worse.

▪ Can’t be overly critical about general manager Brian Sabean. He owns about five tons of street cred these days.

▪ Phil Mickelson will miss the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am for the first time in two decades – a body blow for one of the PGA Tour’s most eye-catching stops.

▪ Toxic body language: The Cavaliers’ LeBron James shoves aside coach David Blatt to continue his discussion with a ref.

▪ Methinks the coach isn’t long for that job.

▪ The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant made the catch that everyone saw – except the people who wrote the NFL rulebook.

▪ But after advancing on an equally atrocious call the week before, the Cowboys broke even.

▪ The 49ers are considering Jason Tarver to replace defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. I’m sure that was your first thought every time you watched the Raider defense this season: The 49ers really need Jason Tarver.

▪ And in the end: Tomsula’s fortunes will rise or sink on the progress of one Colin Kaepernick. The same goes for Del Rio and Derek Carr.

▪ Tomsula once said, “I’m Jim nobody from nowhere.” Not anymore, Jim.

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