Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini’s 2-Minute Drill: Stephen Curry stringing NBA on his yo-yo

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ The Warriors’ Stephen Curry is stringing the NBA on his personal yo-yo.

▪ Give him room and it’s 3 points. Guard too close – as Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook tried this week – and he blows by like your sneakers are cemented to the floor.

▪ And now it’s unfair: Westbrook hit only five of 21 shots vs. Curry.

▪ Curry is merely the most exciting player on what may be the NBA’s best team (28-5). Go ahead – wrap your heads around that thought.

▪ Colin Kaepernick will spend part of his off-season working out with former Super Bowl winner Kurt Warner in Arizona. This is a better choice than training in Miami.

▪ When you’re ranked 20th in passer rating and 24th in completion percentage – Kaepernick’s numbers in 2014 – it’s time to go guru-shopping.

▪ Anyone who says a single play or a single penalty flag can’t change a game’s outcome, refer them to Detroit-vs-Dallas last weekend.

▪ The infamous flag pickup was a metaphor for the entire 2014 NFL season: It was impossible to trust anything you saw on the field.

▪ The late Stuart Scott wasn’t the first to say “He was as cool as the other side of the pillow,” but so what: The guy was an original.

▪ A player’s coach and a good man – the late MJC football coach Bob Hoegh.

▪ A virtual in-house investigation reports that no one in the NFL office saw the Ray Rice tape. What a shocker.

▪ Problems on and off the field and the NFL still prints money. Truly a Teflon league.

▪ Hard to believe: Oregon’s Marcus Mariota is the first non-USC Heisman Trophy winner from the West Coast since ... Jim Plunkett in 1970.

▪ Conclusion: The East Coast bias lives.

▪ Oregon wins the title because Mariota makes the difference.

▪ Watching Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott race away from the Alabama DBs put the lie to the Big 10 lacking speed against the SEC.

▪ Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is coming to Los Angeles Galaxy, certifying the late-career escape hatch – see Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane and David Beckham – that is MLS.

▪ Michigan fans are loving Jim Harbaugh, but the clock already is ticking.

▪ The 49ers clearly didn’t care that they won’t find a coach or a staff as strong as Harbaugh’s. I’ll bet they care when they go 6-10.

▪ The Raiders will remain in Oakland at least through next season while Mark Davis flies commercial.

▪ The Kings were fine until they fired coach Mike Malone, which makes Vivek Ranadive the most dangerous of owners – a guy who thinks he knows something about the game.

▪ The real fans are priced into the cheap seats, apathetic support from the best seats, the old vibe is missing in the new house – all those things were said ... about AT&T Park when it opened in 2000.

▪ That’s why most of the concerns about Levi’s Stadium won’t wash long-term. The only thing wrong with Levi’s this season was the team playing in it.

▪ OK, if you back me into a corner: It is hot, about 30 degrees warmer than Candlestick Park, on the east (sunny) side.

▪ Please join me in the time machine: The Warriors’ Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes. UCLA and Lakers, too.

▪ Can’t be a coincidence: The Warriors started to make smart personnel decisions four years ago, about the time they brought in consultant Jerry West.

▪ For the younger demographics: Check out the NBA logo. That’s Jerry West, one of the best clutch shooters in NBA history.

▪ Is it any wonder the Warriors are the best-shooting team on the planet?

▪ When you know you’re hot: You fire a winning coach in Mark Jackson and replace him with an even more successful one in Steve Kerr.

▪ Kerr says he’s the luckiest coach in the world. He’s also a good fit.

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