Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: Manning brothers impede Patriots’ dynasty

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ The 49ers would like to thank the Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, for blocking the Patriots’ march into the sunset with the dynasty of all dynasties.

▪ Tom Brady’s kryptonite is Denver – 2-7 at Mile High.

▪ Brady absorbed a beating in Denver, which prompted coach Bill Belichick to fire his offensive-line coach. Can you say “scapegoat”?

▪ Injuries forced the Patriots to use 13 lineups on the offensive line this season. Belichick’s decision matches up with some of his game-day choices.

▪ We now know the shelf life of a Super Bowl title – the next pivotal loss.

▪ Why Joe Montana was better than Brady: Montana played in an era when quarterbacks were fair game, not protected as they are today.

▪ Super Bowl 50 is promising – the Broncos’ top-ranked defense vs. Carolina’s No. 1-scoring offense. Too bad we have to wait a week.

▪ The South Bay screams to the world: The game is in Santa Clara, not San Francisco!

▪ What Colin Kaepernick should take away from watching Cam Newton: Kaepernick’s skill set still works in the NFL.

▪ For those who are appalled by Newton’s combination of performance and showmanship: Professional athletes have done this for, say, decades. See: Ali, Muhammad.

▪ Compared to the NFL’s many insufferable boors: Newton having fun and, along the way, handing footballs to children, is highly watchable.

▪ The Raiders in Las Vegas? Wanna bet?

▪ The 49ers fired defensive coordinator Eric Mangini and replaced him with Jim O’Neil (Browns). Am I missing something here?

▪ Answering my own question: Chip Kelly is the new coach.

▪ The best word to describe the 49ers: Combustible.

▪ Sonora’s Kraig Clifton, the point guard on Columbia College’s 1993 state title team, battles Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Support him at the Claim Jumpers’ home game Wednesday night against Sequoias.

▪ A sweet Columbia backcourt: Clifton and Modesto’s Roddie Anderson.

▪ A sobering truth for the NBA while the Warriors dismantled the Spurs: The Warriors are getting better.

▪ A treat for two different reasons: Newton and Steph Curry, mutual fans.

▪ Whenever the Warriors move to San Francisco, they’ll play at Chase Center. It fits in a league that, for now, can’t keep pace with the champions.

▪ Worth the price of admission: Modesto Junior College guard Mason Washington (eighth in the state with 20.8 points per game). Sounds like he’ll play baseball, too.

▪ Soon to be one of Washington’s teammates: Pitcher Jake Corn ( formerly of Manteca and Oregon).

▪ A Diablo Valley assistant coach and teammate of Modesto Christian coach Richard Midgley at Cal: Ayinde Ubaka (2004-07).

▪ Remembering a 1950s world-class middle-distance runner from Australia who later became a very good track coach at Manteca High: The late Alex Henderson.

▪ Local tennis fans will recognize Henderson’s daughter: Grace Davis graduate and former Sac-Joaquin Section champion Lynn Henderson-Barcellos, tennis coach at Los Banos High.

▪ Not a pretty story: Florida State boosters are paying $950,000 to settle a Title IX lawsuit against the school after quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault. That’s the price tag for a national championship and a Heisman Trophy.

▪ Call it anything except a rivalry: Maria Sharapova vs. Serena Williams ( 18 straight wins).

▪ Shocking: Sharapova has won a career Grand Slam but can’t touch Williams.

▪ Overdue: The Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins voted an NBA All-Star (he was an injury replacement last season).

▪ The chances Rudy Gay will be an ex-King by season’s end: 60 percent.

▪ Just because: Terrell Davis.

▪ Arizona imploded with seven turnovers vs. Carolina. Peyton Manning may have lost his fastball, but he won’t give away the game.