Ron Agostini

Kaepernick rehabs from three surgeries – prelude to 2016

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▪ As Colin Kaepernick rehabs from three surgeries: He wasn’t physically right in 2015 and, of course, neither was his team.

▪ If Kaerpernick can’t pass a physical exam before April 1, he receives $11.9 million from the 49ers. Both he and team officials dismiss the importance of April 1, which means April 1 is very important.

▪ Kaepernick had his right thumb wrapped after the Oct. 22 loss to Seattle. “Just some swelling,” he said. Now we know more.

▪ Another disclosure: A rod in his lower left leg, inserted before his rookie season, makes Kaepernick’s “Against All Odds” motto even more remarkable.

▪ Don’t feel bad for ex-49ers coach Jim Tomsula. His one-and-done will pay him $14 million. Methinks he won’t live out of his car again.

▪ Hope the 49ers enjoyed those five wins. Each cost $2.8 million.

▪ Jim Harbaugh’s contract per 49er win: About $400,000.

▪ Tomsula’s next stop: 1. The mirror to admire his face sans mustache; 2. His couch; and 3 ... Wait for it ... Michigan.

▪ 49er owner Jed York admitted he wasn’t a football expert. Not news.

▪ Amazing: The Chiefs have won only three playoff games since their Super Bowl title in 1969.

▪ Amazing II: Fourteen of the 20 NFL teams headed by Jeff Fisher have finished .500 or below.

▪ Amazing III: Mike Shanahan’s coaching record minus John Elway is 14-20 (Redskins).

▪ One more time: Bill Belichick’s coaching record minus Tom Brady is 36-44 (Browns).

▪ Stanford has grooved what should-have-been Heisman Trophy winners: Andrew Luck and Christian McCaffrey.

▪ The way it usually works: All those lousy bowl games might be offset by a great Alabama-Clemson final Monday night.

▪ Until further notice: Alabama, the closest thing to an NFL collegiate team.

▪ Proof of an overrated conference: The Big 10 Conference finalists (Iowa and Michigan State) were rocked in the bowl games by a combined 67 points.

▪ Maxed out each day of his 66 years: The late USC star and city of Modesto employee Sam Dickerson.

▪ Kobe Bryant’s farewell game at Sleep Train Arena revived memories of the epic Lakers-Kings 2002 Western Conference finals. Sweet memories for Bryant, bittersweet for Kings.

▪ Memories revisted: The 1976 Cal State Stanislaus baseball team, the NCAA Division III champion, will reunite and be honored Feb. 6.

▪ Welcome back to the UFC’s Octagon: Modesto’s Michael “Mayday” McDonald, victorious after a two-year layoff.

▪ If you missed it, find it: Top-ranked Kansas’ triple-overtime win over No. 2 Oklahoma, the season’s best game so far. Magic at Phog Allen Fieldhouse.

▪ A close runner-up in required-watching behind LSU’s Ben Simmons: Buddy Hield, Oklahoma.

▪ We remember Hall of Fame inductee Ken Griffey Jr. as a kid for the San Bernardino Spirit of the California League (late 1980s).

▪ And at the opposite end of all those baseball analytics: Hall of Fame-bound Mike Piazza, the 1,390th selection in the 1988 draft.

▪ Seasoned NFL fans look back at those freezing outdoor playoff games in Minnesota. Thirty-nine years later, we have another one Sunday.

▪ Just because: Joe Kapp.

▪ Peyton Manning will start Saturday for the Broncos. Feels like the beginning of the end for Manning.

▪ They’re actually more messed up than the 49ers: The Browns.

▪ The MVPs say a lot about the teams’ direction: 49ers kicker Phil Dawson and the Raiders’ superstar-in-the-making linebacker Khalil Mack.

▪ A 49ers need that they’ll never fill: A consultant (read: Mike Holmgren) to, let’s say, help general manager Trent Baalke.

▪ After last Sunday’s game, Kaepernick handed his ski hat to a kid before he exited the field. His final goodbye at Levi’s?

▪ Kaepernick’s chances of being a 49er next season, according to yours truly’s less-than-scientific calculation: 30 percent.

▪ That number spikes if Hue Jackson becomes the coach.

▪ Just to see Kaepernick healthy again – regardless of the uniform he wears – would be good both for him and his fans.