Ron Agostini

No such thing as a Candlestick Curse

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ To hear some people tell it, the Candlestick Curse has plundered the Giants and the 49ers.

▪ On the surface, it’s gaining credence because – since Candlestick Park was reduced to a pile of rubble – the 49ers are under .500 since their move to Levi’s Stadium and the Giants didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

▪ From here: No curse.

▪ Why? Start with the three rings the Giants have won at AT&T Park. May we all be so cursed.

▪ And more: A you-must-be-kidding owner (Jed York), who thinks there will be no residue when you chase a first-class coaching staff, has nothing to do with a curse.

▪ Wait a minute: Maybe York and his father are the curse!

▪ Still waiting for that apology from Jed after the last three losses.

▪ A continuing mystery: How a quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) who’s outplayed Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady over the years lost his mojo.

▪ One clue: Kaepernick was sacked 66 times in the past 20 games while the 49ers went 9-11.

▪ Packers linebacker Clay Matthews twice mocked Kaepernick last week. When Kaepernick led Matthews on a merry chase a few years ago, Kaepernick didn’t personally show up Matthews.

▪ Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor: Michigan (4-1) under ex-49er coach Jim Harbaugh has allowed only 7.6 points per game. That didn’t take long.

▪ About the Raider Nation’s outrage over the tough loss in Chicago: Patience, spiked-shoulder pad crowd! Your hole is deep. Digging out is a gradual process.

▪ Mark Davis could be seeking a majority owner to move the Raiders to Southern California. The Raiders without a Davis in charge? Can’t be.

▪ A botched call in Seattle leads to another Seahawks win. Haven’t we been here before?

▪ Keep this note for reference next fall: Do not miss the next Downey-Modesto game, which has become the Modesto Metro Conference’s jewel pairing.

▪ Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld (Modesto Christian) missed much of the Hoosiers’ hard-fought loss to Ohio State (ankle). Tough break. He’s thrown for 1,277 yards and seven touchdowns.

▪ Offseason suggestions to the Giants: Sign Mike Leake and another free-agent starter, and heal.

▪ In lieu of a Yankees march deep into the playoffs: Derek Jeter, during his 20-year career, played in only four games while his team was not in playoff contention.

▪ Pillaging Pittsburgh: Madison Bumgarner in 2014, Jake Arrieta in 2015.

▪ The Cubs figured out Job 1 during a baseball fight: Protect Arrieta at all times.

▪ The Pirates’ Sean Rodriguez kept his hands too low. Had that Gatorade cooler punched back, it would have KO’d ’em.

▪ Dexter Fowler ignited the Cubs in the wild-card game. We remember him in 2007 with the Modesto Nuts.

▪ Just because: Scott Hatteberg.

▪ Memo to the NBA national media: The Warriors are still the champions.

▪ Loved Steph Curry’s response to the preseason verbosity from James Harden and other stars: “I try not to do a lot of talking.”

▪ Not sure about the immediate future for 23rd-ranked Cal (5-0), but this much we know: Jared Goff-to-Kenny Lawler is a major-league tandem.

▪ Thinking hoops? Only five days away from Midnight Madness.

▪ Not that it matters, but: the MJC football team (3-2) is ranked ninth in California behind eighth-ranked American River (3-2), which the Pirates beat 41-10.

▪ More 49ers worries: The Packers sat in a nickel defense and stopped the 49ers on the ground. And on fourth-and-short, the Packers easily pushed for first downs.

▪ More trouble ahead: The Giants’ Eli Manning, the fourth straight top-tier QB against the 49ers.

▪ The tiebreaker, in case you need one: A bad offensive line is much worse than a curse.