Ron Agostini

Agostini’s two-minute drill: 49ers used as Manning’s props

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ The 49ers have been beaten, but they’ve never been dismissed as props until Peyton Manning on Sunday night.

▪ It reminded me of the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals. Jim Harbaugh played Red Klotz.

▪ Must have been an instructional experience for Colin Kaepernick (Pitman High). I’m at Level 3. He’s at Level 10.

▪ Manning was bothered by the 49ers calling a timeout while their backups finished the game. He should know better. He attempted 10 passes in the fourth quarter while his team trailed 43-8 at this year’s Super Bowl.

▪ The best homecoming queen of 2014: Sonora High’s Sinclair Darr. She has Down syndrome.

▪ Longtime football fans were saddened by the death last month of one of Central Catholic’s stars of the mid-1970s: Mark Sevick.

▪ If you want to see an authentic lifetime football man, look no further than Paul Wiggin, one of Modesto Junior College’s best. He’ll be honored tonight as the Pirates welcome Laney.

▪  A legacy Bruce Bochy does not want: Lost the 2014 World Series due to his infatuation with Hunter Strickland.

▪ From here: Bochy must do a lot more managing than the Royals’ Ned Yost.

▪ In six pitches, Strickland allowed a wild pitch, two-run double and two-run homer. Then he emotionally snapped. Any one of us could have done better.

▪ How-exactly-did-the-Giants-get-here dept: Bochy inserted a guy (Strickland) with exactly six innings of major-league experience into a World Series crisis.

▪ How-exactly-did-the-Giants-get-here-dept. reprise: The Giants in previous World Series trotted out starters like Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and even Barry Zito. This year, their No. 2 was Jake Peavy, 33, a trade-deadline pickup.

▪ Notice all that hysteria at Kansas City? San Francisco felt the same vibe in 2010.

▪ The cliche about road teams “stealing” playoff wins doesn’t apply to the Giants in Game 1. Bumgarner took it.

▪ Only because the Giants need some of his 2012 magic: Ryan Theriot.

▪ After Game 1: Giants unbeatable, Bumgarner untouchable, Bochy masterful, and what time is the parade down Market Street?

▪ After Game 2: Giants are finished, Bochy has lost his mind, the Royals are more hungry and the Giants can’t hit.

▪ The Lakers’ Steve Nash, 40, is out for the season. Great career, Steve, but Father Time is talking to you.

▪ The Seahawks gave up first, third, and seventh-round draft picks for Percy Harvin, then dealt him to the Jets. Hope the Seahawks enjoyed that kickoff return in the Super Bowl.

▪ Baseball apparently is fine with those exploding maple bats ... until a shard kills someone.

▪ The Warriors drew a record 7,000 to Oracle Arena for their open practice. That’s a good sign.

▪ I like Derek Carr, too, but the Raiders (0-6) have scored more than 14 points only once. Not close to enough in the NFL. Or high school.

▪ Took the family to UCLA-Cal last weekend. Still no better way to spend an autumn Saturday.

▪ Memo to young Cal QB Jared Goff: Next time, throw short and take your shot at a winning field goal.

▪ Cal sophomore offensive lineman Matt Cochran (Buhach Colony) made his fourth career start last week against the Bruins.

▪ The Cowboys released Michael Sam this week. The headlines were small. As they should be.

▪ The 49ers are enjoying their best week to date: No game, only injuries healing.

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