Ron Agostini

Just when the 49ers were looking forward to 2015 – Ahmad Brooks

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▪ The 49ers slowly were awakening from their nightmare until: Ahmad Brooks.

▪ It would help if, just for a while and for appearance sake, owner Jed York abstains from saying, “Winning with class.”

▪ Not all of the player behavior can be blamed on Jim Harbaugh. York and GM Trent Baalke are still in charge. And they were Harbaugh’s bosses.

▪ Here’s the solution: The 49ers start 0-4. Just to change the subject.

▪ Remember #Questfor6? It still applies – for wins.

▪ The 49ers’ Jarryd Hayne is no rugby curiosity. He’s an athlete – the first downfield on kickoffs and he almost always makes the first tackler miss on returns.

▪ Always the first on-the-field question about the 49ers: Will Colin Kaepernick (Pitman High) show improvement?

▪ A hint: The Broncos praised Kaepernick after this week’s joint practices.

▪ If the Denver Broncos’ Isaiah Burse (Modesto Christian) fails to make the 53-man roster, I’m guessing he’ll be picked up. One option: The Raiders and Derek Carr, Burse’s pass-and-catch partner at Fresno State.

▪ The turf held up well at Levi’s Stadium for Cowboys-49ers. But will it pass the Luke Bryan test?

▪ Check out the Stanford Cardinal’s reaction to senior scout-team star Craig Jones (Central Catholic) and his earning a fourth-year scholarship.

▪ We’ll just assume Jones is one of the team’s favorites. And maybe a favorite of coach David Shaw.

▪ One reason why Jones is elated: The cost of one undergraduate year at Stanford is $64,477.

▪ The USC players meted out the punishment for coach Steve Sarkisian. Is it just me, or did “down” just become “up”?

▪ Retired ex-49er Jonathan Martin said he’s attempted suicide multiple times. After all he’s been through, he deserves the help.

▪ The NFL insists on its four-game preseason so it can sell cars, beer and razors. The latest victims were the Packers’ Jordy Nelson and Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey.

▪ In my idea of a better world: Two preseason games and the schedule stays at 16.

▪ The death of IndyCar driver Justin Wilson jogged the memory to the line by the late legendary columnist Jim Murray, “Gentlemen, start your coffins.”

▪ Jose Reyes of the Rockies did not enjoy being traded to a last-place team. My sympathy is reserved for Rockies fans. They lost Troy Tulowitzki.

▪ Clovis’ Bryson DeChambeau, only the fifth golfer to win the NCAA and the U.S. Amateur in the same year, is cheered by all golf fans – including local relatives.

▪ All those breakaway rims were inspired by the glass-crashing dunks by the late Darryl Dawkins, aka “Chocolate Thunder.”

▪ Or “Cool Breeze,” or “Sir Slam” or “Dr. Dunkenstein.”

▪ Dawkins has adjourned to his version of heaven – the planet Lovetron.

▪ ▪ The Kings signed Ole Miss showman Marshall Henderson onto its training camp team. Think Jason Williams.

▪ In keeping with all of college football’s crazy new uniforms, North Carolina will wear argyle. As in, “McTavish, I’ll take my martini on the patio.”

▪ Oregon, always good for shock value, teases fans with glow-in-the-dark uniforms. Great idea, especially if football is ever played in the dark.

▪ Your weekly Oakland A’s golden oldie: Yoenis Cespedes, eight home runs and 22 RBIs since his trade from Detroit to the New York Mets.

▪ Usain Bolt finally met his match – a Segway.

▪ No worries, high school football fans, if you missed Friday night’s openers. There will be games until, say, mid-December.

▪ Hayne’s over-the-shoulder catch of a punt dusted off a not-so-pleasant memory for 49ers fans: Kyle Williams.

▪ Next season: Reporting from the Cowboys scouting bureau in Perth...

▪ The 49ers culture changes only when York/Baalke do not sign the next Jerome Simpson.