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Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

Reading time, two minutes:

  • O.J. Simpson sits alone in his jail cell and wonders, "What happened to my life?"
  • Probably what hurt Simpson the most: Guilty or not guilty, no one cared anymore.
  • One exception: The Brown family cared.
  • John Mansoor, the executive director of USA Track & Field's Pacific Association, in his dream world: The relocated Relays merging with the Golden Golden West (high school) Invitational and the Visa Championship Series meet formerly staged in Carson.
  • If that happens: Some Modestans support the meet, while most cringe.
  • About the valley's new title as "cradle of quarterbacks:" Add one more in Alabama State junior Reid Herchenbach (Golden Valley), the Southwest Conference Player of the Week.
  • A perfect World Series: The Dodgers with Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra vs. the Red Sox.
  • Ramirez assists the Red Sox to two World Series titles before he quits on them. Conflicted BoSox fans, right?
  • Why Modesto Junior College's big win over Sacramento City opened some old-timers' eyes: It was the Pirates' first win over SCC since 1979.
  • A partial caveat: The teams had not met since '89, before some of the current players were born.
  • Maybe not as powerful as that other left fielder, but he still would look great in a Giants uniform: Free-agent-to-be Pat Burrell, Phillies.
  • If I shouted the orders: No champagne showers until pennants or World Series are won.
  • Now that he's been fired by the Clippers, we can remember Elgin Baylor the right way: One of the most gifted players in NBA history.
  • Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin was fired after six games. The Tigers either gaffed by hiring him or overreacted by canning him.
  • Wait a minute. Was I writing about Auburn or the Raiders and Lane Kiffin?
  • Years later, the game matters again: No. 5 Texas vs. No. 1 Oklahoma today.
  • Why all opposing corners and safeties huddle in prayer the week before the Giants game: Brandon Jacobs, the NFL's most terrifying running back.
  • NFL boss Roger Goodell hired The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, for halftime of Super Bowl XLIII.
  • The status of the Wisconsin Band suggests a new title to its favorite song: On (Probation), Wisconsin.
  • The talented Cubs under Lou Piniella are 0-6 in the playoffs, so why does he get a pass while Dusty Baker was run out of town?
  • Cal will welcome the NCAA Women's Basketball Regionals next March -- a perfect career climax for senior star Ashley Walker (Grace Davis).
  • After Monday night, the verdict is returned: Reggie Bush every time over Mario Williams.
  • Rookie small forward Donte Green, a bona fide prospect, provides a reason to watch the Kings.
  • Mike Martz, meet Vernon Davis. By the way, he is an eligible receiver.
  • Simpson walked on double homicide but was convicted for a souvenir heist. As John Lennon sang, "Instant karma is gonna get you ..."
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