Ron Agostini

Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

Reading time, two minutes:

  • Welcome, Lane Kiffin, to the He Owes Me Money Club. Al Davis will hear your appeal. Stand in line, right behind Mike Shanahan.
  • Davis values coaches much like he values slow running backs.
  • Tom Cable is the Raiders' interim coach. Combine him and the 49ers' J.T. O'Sullivan, and they'd set a world record for frequent flyer mileage.
  • Ex-Raider Warren Sapp ripped his old team this week. Sapp was in good spirits after beating Kim Kardashian in "Dancing With The Stars."
  • Kiffin was fired "for cause" 'cause Davis hated him.
  • Modesto Junior College can avoid another 1-4 start by beating Sacramento City tonight.
  • All it took was high school football to end the drought.
  • Tony Mandarich admitted he used steroids at Michigan State. Sounds like he's trying to sell a book.
  • An investigation cleared the Chinese gymnasts from any under-age violations. File under, "Yeah, sure."
  • Ex-49er Lawrence Phillips goes to prison for 10 years for assault. Talk about getting tackled for a loss.
  • Thunder, the mascot, has been retired by the Warriors. Baron Davis leaves, and the party is over.
  • Whenever Cal's Jeff Tedford hits the default button, it flashes, "Nate Longshore."
  • May be the most shocking in-progress football score of the season: Alabama 31, Georgia 0.
  • Superman in red: Fresno State's Ryan Mathews, on third-and-22, catches a pass, hurdles a UCLA cornerback and scores a touchdown.
  • Superman in blue: Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Pitman) accounts for 416 yards and five touchdowns to beat archrival UNLV.
  • The Cubs will recover if they can avoid all those flying billy goats, black cats and Bartmans in LA.
  • He'll make his 52nd consecutive start Sunday against the 49ers: Logan Mankins (Mariposa High), guard, Patriots.
  • Jake Locker's injury might be the beginning of the end for Tyrone Willingham at Washington.
  • It took only one loss for a Terrell Owens eruption in Dallas.
  • This just in: Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers and Jason Bay to the Red Sox was a great trade.
  • Still doesn't seem right: Derek Jeter not in the playoffs.
  • Today's International Festival welcomes a special guest: Modesto's three-time Olympian, Suzy Powell.
  • The NBA spent millions to tell us disgraced ref Tim Donaghy acted alone. Surprise -- money can't buy trust.
  • Finally lost its mojo: The Angels' Rally Monkey.
  • And you thought Kiffin vs. Davis was vicious: Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice tonight.
  • The Raiders are off this week. Plenty of time to prepare for another crisis.
  • Sit down, Coach Cable, for a quick briefing from Mike White, Joe Bugel, Jon Gruden, Norv Turner, Bill Callahan, Art Shell and Kiffin.
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