Ron Agostini

Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

Reading time, two minutes:

  • The biggest surprise about the Relays' exit was the late Tom Moore not rising out of his grave and shouting: "You're going to do what?"
  • First, it was the 16-team Modesto Junior College Tournament. Next, the Athletics. This week, the Relays. What's next? Gallo? The Arch in Denair?
  • Politicians truly are out of touch when they hold the presidential debate on Friday night -- high school football night.
  • He was raised in Modesto and directed the Cal Band for nearly 30 years with spirit and class: The late Robert O. Briggs.
  • Three weeks into the season, one safe conclusion: The 2-1 49ers no longer are dreadful.
  • The Raiders soon enter their bye week -- goodbye week for Lane Kiffin.
  • A thought bubble to insert above nearly every Kiffin photo and TV shot: "Please fire me."
  • File under "getting the last laugh:" Joe Torre and the Dodgers make the playoffs while the Yankees and their $209 million payroll stay home.
  • I guess USC is not the best team of all time, after all.
  • Pete Carroll to his therapist: "Every time I go to Corvallis, I get these nightmares ..."
  • Ohio State wonders, "Where was that USC team against us?"
  • Cal collapsed after its first loss last year. Today, the Bears entertain Colorado State after their first loss.
  • Nevada's Colin Kaepernick (Pitman) carries a heavier load after injuries to his running backs. The Wolf Pack needs him tonight against archrival UNLV.
  • Question: Why are ex-Franklin coach Tom Verner and his friends allowed within one mile of any high school football field?
  • The Giants are kicking around a trade of Matt Cain for more power. I'd like to see Cain pitch with more power in his lineup.
  • The Lions grimly forged on with Matt Millen -- until they were smoked by the 49ers.
  • The Syracuse athletic director says football coach Greg Robinson "is not cutting it." Update your résumé, coach.
  • The next time I attend a Raider press conference, I'll bring boxing gloves.
  • The Patriots were fooled and beaten by something that looked like the old single wing (Dolphins). Hard to blame Tom Brady's injury for that one.
  • One thing the Yorks and the 49ers got right -- retiring Steve Young's No. 8.
  • He made it to Pasadena: Fresno State's Tom Brandstater (Turlock) today in the Rose Bowl vs. UCLA.
  • Minus Tiger Woods and saddled by a less-than-effective Phil Mickelson, the U.S. wins the Ryder Cup. PGA Tour depth prevails.
  • I'll just assume Tiger Woods never will ride his driver like a toy horse (Boo Weekley).
  • Wipeouts: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Mets.
  • John Elway is engaged to an ex-Raider cheerleader. Run the tape: "I always wanted to marry a Raider."

  • The Giants' "tryout season" salvaged by two words: Tim Lincecum.
  • Out: The stars of track and field. In: Lance Armstrong for next year's Amgen Tour of California.
  • About the tribute (statue?) to Moore planned at Modesto Junior College Stadium: Full speed ahead, especially now.
  • To our track colleagues in Sacramento, now that they've inherited the Relays: Handle with care.
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