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Agostini: Reading time, two minutes

Reading time, two minutes:

  • Wrong from top to bottom with the results to show for it: The 49ers and the Raiders.
  • Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says "Blame me" for getting smoked by the Broncos. Funny, but head coach Lane Kiffin tried to blame him ... by firing him until Al Davis overruled.
  • Add to the who's-in-charge-of-this-dept.: Cornerback DeAngelo Hall commits back-to-back personal fouls but is not taken out of the game.
  • The 49ers' Mike Nolan virtually dismissed quarterback Alex Smith, which is pretty much like he handled him since Day 1.
  • How about putting Nolan on injured reserve?
  • When you know the 49ers are spinning their wheels: Mike Martz is their sixth offensive coordinator in as many years.
  • Tom Brady's injury reminded me of the 49ers' 1997 season opener: Steve Young and Jerry Rice, both out by game's end.
  • Why some good teams stay on top longer than others: The Patriots, cognizant of Brady's age (31), draft sleeper Kevin O'Connell of San Diego State in the third round.
  • Ohio State's Chris "Beanie" Wells on the field: USC by 24. Wells off the field: Trojans by 30.
  • Lago, the town painted red in "High Plains Drifter," will have nothing on the Doghouse tonight for Wisconsin-Fresno State.
  • The Badgers tiptoe into the valley. Nebraska, Mississippi and Colorado soon will follow.
  • Looking good after his September call-up: Yankees lefty reliever Phil Coke, a 2001 graduate of Sonora High.
  • Cal's tree-sitters are gone and so is their grove of trees. Yes, the Bears gave 'em the axe.
  • To Team U.S.A. after losing five of the last six Ryder Cup Matches: Keeping it close will be a step forward, guys.
  • The 2008 Giants prefer "Tim Lincecum wins the Cy Young" over "We didn't lose 100!"
  • The Warriors' showed sympathy when GM Chris Mullen struggled. May they act the same with Monta Ellis.
  • Bet you didn't know: The Cal State Stanislaus women's soccer team is 4-0-1 and ranked 24th.
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  • ontrary to the latest statue at AT&T Park: My memory of Orlando Cepeda is him coiling at the plate, bat held high.
  • Ugly alert, ugly alert: Michigan at Notre Dame.
  • All he did was coach, and win, the most important game in NCAA Tournament history: The late Don Haskins, Texas Western.
  • How to botch a No. 1 draft pick: Rush him onto the field as a rookie, expose him behind below-average linemen and receivers, and shame him into playing with a bum shoulder. Congrats, 49ers.
  • The Packers' Aaron Rodgers, ready and upright after his own travails, may be saying about the 49ers, "That could have been me."
  • The Buccaneers' Jeff Garcia is demoted after one game after he vaulted his last two teams into the playoffs. Conclusion: He's the least appreciated QB in the league.
  • Predicting Smith's future if his shoulder heals: He'll hook up with the Chargers' Norv Turner, who helped him two years ago.
  • Three-plus years into the Mike Nolan regime and the 49ers' quarterbacks are J.T. O'Sullivan, Shaun Hill and Jamie Martin. Backups all.
  • Trying to remember when the 49ers and Raiders acted like NFL organizations.
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