Ron Agostini

Ignore dull coaches, not Super Bowl ads

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The countdown is on toward the Super Bowl and ... those ... commercials.

While the Patriots' Logan Mankins (Catheys Valley, Mariposa High) received so much attention for his mountain-man beard, we almost forgot about the Giants' backup running back and special-teams handyman Reuben Droughns (Merced College).

About Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin: Can they light up the room or what?

The nation tumbles toward a recession, the war continues in Iraq and Sen. Arlen Specter sees a crisis in destroyed Spygate evidence.

The Patriots aren't alone chasing greatness: jockey Russell Baze, 10,000 wins.

San Francisco Giants fans were saddened over the departure of Pedro Feliz to Philadelphia. In remembrance, some of them walked to home plate and whiffed at a curve ball in the dirt.

Welcome to the New York circus, Johan Santana (Mets). Alex Rodriguez has saved a seat for you.

Clueless in Oakland, Volume 531: James Lofton landed a coaching job with the Raiders. Which job wasn't disclosed until later, of course.

Contrary to popular belief, head coach Lane Kiffin knew about Lofton's interview.

Al Davis sent a carrier pigeon to his home.

The Lakers traded for Memphis' Pau Gasol and, surprisingly, were not arrested for grand theft.

More grand theft: the Warriors' Baron Davis bypassed for the NBA All-Star Game.

May have deserved a berth if not for a groin injury that cost him 17 games: the Kings' Kevin Martin (24.3. points per game, sixth in the league).

From Central Catholic football to Cal over the last five years: J.D. Cafaro, Byron Storer, Justin Moye and, this week, Dominic Galas.

Someone please tell Roger Clemens that ERA margin doesn't determine steroids intake.

I don't remember Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller and Tom Watson deferring to Jack Nicklaus without a fight -- a 180-degree switch from how today's players bow to Tiger Woods.

One possible reason: Woods has made them all very wealthy, while he clocks them.

One will be an ex-King by month's end: Mike Bibby or Ron Artest.

The 10th-ranked Cal women's bounceback win over UCLA said more about the Golden Bears than their disappointing loss at Stanford.

Not just a pretty face: Australian Open champion Maria Sharapova, 20, one win away from the Grand Slam.

A leftover from Chargers-Patriots: LaDainian Tomlinson's injury is unquestioned. We will question why he sat on the bench and offered little visible support to his team.

Perhaps a better duel than Sunday: Belichick vs. the Dolphins' new boss, Bill Parcells, a collision of old colleagues, this fall.

It makes perfect sense that Belichick, Tony La Russa and Bob Knight are good friends.

When an easy manner and smooth delivery hides one tough leader: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL draft is the most overhyped event of the year, but it still matters. Check out the Giants' rookies Sunday:

WR Steve Smith, DB Aaron Ross and TE Kevin Boss.

The anticipation grows ... for the latest Bud Light ad.

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