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You can't argue with Glines' success

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To Central Catholic football coach Mike Glines: You did it your way and, the last time I checked, your way worked.

Couldn't imagine a better farewell than Glines' starting an untested sophomore quarterback (Dylan Swartz) in a state final. Only originals even think that audaciously.

Booming from loudspeakers throughout the valley next fall: Swartz's pass was complete to James Orth.

St. Bonaventure's Darrell Scott was as good as advertised. Louis Bland was better than advertised on every play.

More about San Jose State freshman point guard Justin Graham (Ripon): He's a step-grandson of former NBA center Neal Walk, the second pick in the 1969 draft behind someone named Lew Alcindor, who later became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Walk was the first to say Graham's game reminds him of Pete Maravich, his teammate with the New Orleans Jazz in 1974-75.

The latest on Adrian Oliver (ex-Modesto Christian and Washington basketball player): He's visited San Jose State. Cal, where ex-Crusaders Richard Midgley and David Paris played, also is a possibility.

Roger Clemens must understand that a simple defiant "no" doesn't match up against eight pages of Mitchell steroids evidence.

Clemens to Barry Bonds: Is there room for a pitcher on that asterisk?

We heard the same reaction from Marion Jones, and we know how that ended.

Commissioner Bud Selig addresses the Mitchell Report without reading the Mitchell Report. Typical.

Baseball's latest trend: half-confessions from suspected juicers.

Before the report -- silence. After the report -- I'm sorrys from everywhere.

About one-quarter of Florida State's roster is suspended from the Music City Bowl for academic cheating. To coach Bobby Bowden: Sending the $1.6 million bowl payout to the school library would be good damage control.

Arguably the best name of the bowl season and, after his Poinsettia Bowl performance, unforgettable: future astronaut Zerbin Singleton, Navy.

Startling: Bobby Petrino, still the football coach at Arkansas!

At least they can punt: All-Pro selectees Andy Lee (49ers) and Shane Lechler (Raiders).

If nothing else the last two games, let's remove the training wheels and see where JaMarcus Russell takes the Raiders.

A noble and first-class warrior at career sunset: Bryant Young, 49ers.

He won't laugh in their face, but he's entitled: Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia coming home Sunday, armed with a division title.

Three seasons later, and he still doesn't get it: Joe Nedney hasn't missed, it's late in the game, the 49ers are a field goal away from a two-possession lead, and Mike Nolan goes for the first down???

The Giants, Buccaneers, Patriots and, this week, the Falcons share a common bond -- all have been stiffed-leveraged-used by new Dolphins vice president Bill Parcells.

The loneliest man in Miami: Dolphins first-year coach Cam Cameron.

The more 3-pointers the Kings' Beno Udrih sinks, the faster Mike Bibby's left hand heals.

If I'm the Portland Trail Blazers -- 15-12 with the NBA's youngest team waiting for Greg Oden -- I like my future.

It's hard to take the Cowboys (12-2) seriously when they blame a loss on Jessica Simpson.

Glines' parting memo to his coaching peers: You could have beaten me if you outworked me.

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