Ron Agostini

Central Catholic area's first to play in state bowl tilt

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Central Catholic becomes the first area school to go state-title hunting in Carson and, judging by the school's football pedigree, it's fitting.

Had Oakdale hung on vs. Cardinal Newman, the Mustangs probably would have joined CC down south.

Can't remember the last time CC was an underdog, its status today.

When Raiders coach Mike Glines was an underdog: as the offensive coordinator at Modesto Junior College before the unbeaten Pirates shocked Pasadena in the Rose Bowl in 1980.

The Emerald Bowl in San Francisco (Maryland vs. Oregon State, Dec. 28) will feature a local hook: the Beyer High Band.

Striking it rich in Las Vegas: Modesto bull rider Ted Bert, wrapping up a successful Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

John York out, Andy Dolich and Jed York in as the 49ers clean up the front office: so far, a net win.

Next on the agenda: Mike Nolan, out.

When you mishandle the franchise's most important player (Alex Smith), you deserve your walking papers.

The Raiders' JaMarcus Russell will play Sunday vs. Indy, but watching how the opposing QB (Peyton Manning) operates is Job 1.

Bill Belichick's major challenge Sunday against the Jets: How do I run up the score in a blizzard?

The next list I want to see from baseball: the guys playing by the rules.

And the next list: the owners who backed the juicers by looking the other way.

What's sad about today's athletes: When they're asked, "Would you use steroids to win while knowing it will almost surely shorten your life," most would still inject themselves.

Leading members of the head-in-the-sand club: Brian Sabean, Peter Magowan, Sandy Alderson and Tony La Russa.

About Roger Clemens' defiance: If he's so innocent, why didn't he cooperate with George Mitchell's investigators?

No current Giants were named -- small consolation.

The Athletics traded Dan Haren to the Diamondbacks for a slew of prospects, prompting the question: Are the A's serious about 2008?

Mitchell as the next commissioner? He already qualifies for his conflict of interest (director, Red Sox).

No one sounded worse than ESPN's John Kruk when he said, "Other than a few big names, it's not so bad."

The Houston Texans are owed a huge apology (including from yours truly) for the ridicule after they didn't draft Reggie Bush or Vince Young: Mario Williams, 13 sacks.

Ron Artest's numbers have dropped since Kevin Martin's injury. Logical.

The Bee's Player of The Year already looking good: true freshman Christin Gowan (East Union) scoring in double figures for Cal State Stanislaus.

Greg Norman and Chris Evert are engaged, and they've already begun the argument about about golf being a real sport.

UCLA ponders Norm Chow (ex-USC) as its next coach. Risky, provocative and potentially brilliant.

A duel of gaudy statistics: the Raiders' Louis Bland vs. St. Bonaventure's Darrell Scott.

The secret to Glines' success without any references to discipline, "recruiting" or X's and O's: His teams always played, and carried themselves, bigger than their collective weight.

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