Ron Agostini

Giants' young prospects battling through despair

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The Giants' Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are wonderful prospects, if they're not scarred for life by the team around them.

Everyone showed up Friday to honor Barry Bonds ... except Greg Anderson. He apparently had a good excuse.

A great honor and well-deserved: Dan Gonsalves Stadium at Johansen High.

The dogfighting crowd will regret the day it welcomed Michael Vick and his wallet into its creepy underworld.

Vick admitted to helping kill pit bulls. He stood no chance in a trial. Prosecutors were pushing for jurors named Lassie, Blue, Rin Tin Tin and Clifford.

Lamar University senior Casey Clendenon leapfrogged from a tie for 21st at the Scratch Players Championship last week (Del Rio Country Club) into today's semifinals of the U.S. Amateur.

Why playoffs matter: Clendenon survived a 17-man playoff for the final six match-play berths.

One assumed he wouldn't be unemployed for long: Ex-Kings assistant Scott Brooks (Lathrop, East Union High) now on P.J. Carlesimo's bench in Seattle.

And joining the Sonics in a player development role: Gerald Madkins (Merced).

New pickup David Wells, 44, would provide a bigger boost to the Dodgers if he batted .375 with power.

The Chicago Bears' Rex Grossman fumbled three times and threw an interception last week. Who says one season doesn't carry over to the next?

If Grossman stumbles again tonight against the 49ers, he might be replaced by Brian Griese. But who in their right mind demotes a Super Bowl quarterback?

Answer: The 2001 world champion Baltimore Ravens, who released Trent Dilfer.

49ers coach Mike Nolan edges closer and closer to making the announcement: Rookie Joe Staley to replace Kwame Harris at right tackle.

Coming to an NFL camp near you: The Turk, the man with bad news and the message no one wants to hear, "Coach wants to see you, and bring your playbook."

From the Modesto Junior College mound to the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx (Double A, Southern League, Mariners): Brodie Downs, 1-1 with a 1.26 ERA as a reliever.

Rory Sabbatini smack-talked Tiger Woods again. How many times must he learn that you don't tug on Superman's cape?

Latrell Sprewell will have more time to feed his family, now that his yacht has been repossessed.

Add MJC: Former second baseman Blake Trinkler was signed by the Mariners last week and awaits an Instructional League assignment next month in Arizona.

Venezuela was pounded 112-69 by Team USA, and Hugo Chavez is not happy.

Randy Moss is injured and hasn't yet caught a pass in New England. Sort of reminds you of his production as a Raider.

About the Raiders: They've already improved under Lane Kiffin.

A week from today, it's Tennessee-Cal and UCLA-Stanford. Can't find better season openers.

Fresno State will retire David Carr's No. 8 next week against Sacramento State. May a little of Carr rub off on Tom Brandstater (Turlock).

Alabama opens against Western Carolina, but its most attractive opponent is itself (92,000 at the spring game).

To Giants manager Bruce Bochy: Bench the veterans. Play the youngsters. Build for better days.

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