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SF has HR king ... and it still stinks

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Now that Barry Bonds has broken the record, we can focus on another huge elephant in the room — the dreadful state of the Giants.

For those not clear on the concept: The Giants struggle to score three or four runs a game, yet they demote a prospect who's hit two grand slams and slugged for the cycle (Fred Lewis).

Another face-slap: Lewis can't watch Bonds make history because he was sent to Fresno the day before.

The night Barry stroked No. 756, the Giants' bullpen blew up the game in the eighth, another example of how Armando Benitez's implosion ruined the Giants' season.

Classy reaction by Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik — and isn't it a juicy bit of baseball to know his dad pitched to Bobby Bonds?

Am I the only one confused by Henry Aaron's pre-record criticism and post-homer graciousness?

The Giants have bungled so many times around Bonds, but they got the record ceremony just right — festive but short and in good taste.

Reports of carping in the Athletics' clubhouse about manager Bob Geren miss the mark. The A's will stay home this fall due to a tsunami of injuries.

Priority No. 1 this winter for the A's and Giants: offense.

David Beckham finally is playing for the Galaxy, so what happens to "Beckham Cam?"

Answer: Rename it "Posh Cam."

Can't imagine a better idea than "Bill Walsh Field."

Walsh planned the final goodbyes to his friends, along with the services in his memory, not unlike how he scripted the 49ers' opening plays.

Roger Clemens was suspended for five games (no big deal), or one start (still no big deal), but he's being paid about $1 million per start (hope he enjoyed plunking the guy).

In the who's-next world of the NFL, a potentially career-ending injury to the Buccaneers' Mike Alstott means an opportunity for rookie Byron Storer (Central Catholic, Cal).

Jose Canseco is hinting evil deeds regarding Alex Rodriguez. So far, Canseco has been annoyingly right.

A great sidebar the night Modesto's Suzy Powell won the national discus title: Placing sixth was rival and friend Aretha (Hill) Thurmond, 16 days after she gave birth.

More good news: Fresno State special teams specialist and walk-on sophomore Ryan Machado (Ripon) has been awarded a scholarship.

The Cardinals' veteran infielder Scott Spiezio volunteered his entrance into treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, and here's a get-well from Modesto fans.

Add Cardinals: Rick Ankiel's clutch home run wasn't as startling as the fact a professional team, in this we-want-it-now era, actually gave an athlete a second chance.

Tiger Woods is 7-0 in majors after he leads at the halfway mark. Make it 8-0.

Memo to the NFL: Suspending Adam "Pacman" Jones is one thing, but trying to lock him into his room is another. The man is allowed to live.

The Giants finish with three games in LA. The way it's gone, Mark Sweeney will pinch-hit the Dodgers into the playoffs.

Not that we've forgiven Bonds for shackling the team and front office, but his home runs are downright majestic.

The Giants have paid dearly for them.

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