Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: Kings slipping into dysfunction – can Divac save them?

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ The Sacramento Kings apparently hired someone (George Karl) who didn’t want to coach DeMarcus Cousins. One question: How?

▪ Answer: By the majority owner (Vivek Ranadive), who basically fired Michael Malone because Cousins got meningitis.

▪ The Kings are projecting major-league dysfunction, and Chris Mullin (St. John’s) must be happy he’s out.

▪ Not clear on the concept: While recent NBA champions (Heat, Spurs, Warriors) shrink in size, the Kings go big with Cousins and draft pick Willie Cauley-Stein.

▪ The Warriors drew 1.1 million for their championship parade in Oakland. Yes, we’ve entered a golden era in Bay Area sports.

▪ About Stephen Curry: When you’ve hit the cover of Sports Illustrated three times since May, you’re en fuego.

▪ One of Colin Kaepernick’s most appealing qualities is his love of children, again to be seen at the third “Against All Odds” Camp Taylor fundraising golf tournament Monday at Del Rio CC.

▪ Team USA has not given up a goal in more than 400 minutes in the Women’s World Cup. Reason enough why it’s in the semifinals.

▪ Cryptic sentence from the apparent murder-suicide of ex-Giant Darryl Hamilton and the mother of their 14-month-old son: “The baby was not harmed.”

▪ Recent evidence indicates Pete Rose placed bets on baseball with New York mob bookies while he played for the Reds. That connects the mob with baseball. Dangerous.

▪ Rose will enter the Hall of Fame about the same time as Alex Rodriguez. Like, never.

▪ Remarkable: Jacki Gemelos (St. Mary’s), five ACLs later, makes the WNBA’s Chicago Sky.

▪ A word of caution to Warriors fans gloating about the Kings’ demise: The teams’ fortunes were reversed not all that long ago.

▪ There’s nothing wrong with champions you can actually like: Buster Posey, Steph Curry, Jordan Spieth.

▪ Reserved for 49ers fans seeking hope: Vernon Davis, injured and almost irrelevant in 2014, enters his contract year.

▪ Fox’s Greg Norman on the wildly changing scenarios at the end of the U.S. Open: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

▪ Not only have you seen it, Shark, you’ve lived it.

▪ The players on Chambers Bay: Lousy greens, bad for spectators.

▪ The USGA on Chambers Bay: Five minutes after the greens are fixed and a few other changes, we’ll be back.

▪ This is what resonates for the USGA: The end was exciting and the best player won. Any questions?

▪ The dilemma confronting Tiger Woods: To refind his game, he must practice and play more often. His surgically pounded body may not let him.

▪ Another thing: If he’s able, does he still have the hunger to climb that mountain?

▪ Tom Brady, Curry and, having signed a new 10-year contract, Spieth: A product can’t get any hotter than Under Armour.

▪ Dustin Johnson let a fourth major slip away with a three-putt. That’s a lot of scar tissue to repair.

▪ Spieth practices the Jack Nicklaus theory: If you’re almost always in contention, you’ll catch an occasional break.

▪ Enjoyed the enhanced audio provided by golf newcomer Fox. Got confused by the army of announcers.

▪ Tom Watson, 65, nearly shot his age at the U.S. Senior Open at Sacramento’s Del Paso CC. Add that to his other “almost” of nearly winning the British Open at 59.

▪ Just because: Claudell Washington.

▪ Run that by me again: Modesto Nuts lefty Harrison Musgrave (9-1) did not make the California League All-Star Team?

▪ Call the Giants if you’re healthy and can play the outfield. They need you.

▪ The Kings turn to basketball boss Vlade Divac to rescue them. Hope he doesn’t flop.