Ron Agostini

Agostini: Warriors’ title run was worth the 40-year wait

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▪ The numbers say the Golden State Warriors compiled the seventh-best season in NBA history. More important: It was worth the 40-year wait between titles.

▪ The Cavaliers and the Warriors produced the best NBA Finals TV ratings since Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ last title in 1998. As the pundits always noted, “We can’t wait for that East Bay-Cleveland showdown.”

▪ Sort of puts the lie to, “It’s meaningless if it’s not coming from L.A. or New York.”

▪ Why the TV guys are smiling: LeBron James vs. Steph Curry delivered the goods.

▪ Very rare combo: The Warriors are, at once, the NBA’s best team, its most watchable team and its most likable team.

▪ The last time that happened: the Showtime Lakers.

▪ The ultimate lesson to be learned by Charles Barkley among others: A three-point shooting team can win if it combines that marksmanship with defense.

▪ Can’t argue with Andre Iguodala’s MVP of the NBA Finals, but: Why did no one on the 11-person committee vote for Curry?

▪ Iguodala received seven votes and James got the other four, which means four voted for a guy whose team was beaten convincingly three straight games.

▪ Blame Riley Curry for robbing her father of air time.

▪ The series’ turning point: the fourth quarter of Game 3, when the Warriors finally found their legs.

▪ Modesto-raised Greg Uhrik, a Warriors’ suite and hospitality solutions director, was one of many employees who traveled with the team to Cleveland.

▪ The Warriors overwhelmed four backup point guards in the playoffs and did not suffer one major injury all season. Were they lucky? Yes. Has there ever been an NBA champion that wasn’t lucky? No.

▪ As championships go, it was low-stress, but not without tension. As five-time champion Tim Duncan texted coach Steve Kerr, “It’s that easy, huh?”

▪ If the Warriors sign Draymond Green (and stay healthy), they’re back in the Finals.

▪ Would love to see it: The Cavaliers with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love vs. the Warriors.

▪ Polite society to James: When you’re the best player in the world, you don’t have to say it.

▪ To his credit, James hasn’t played the Manny Pacquiao card (I was injured!).

▪ President Obama probably didn’t help the ego of Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, by calling him “Dennis.”

▪ Pablo Sandoval alone with his thoughts at 3 a.m.: “I left San Francisco where I was loved and burned every bridge. I’m in Boston, where the manager is in crisis, the team is slumping, the fans are nasty and I just miscued on Instagram. What have I done?”

▪ Methinks Bud Black was not the problem in San Diego.

▪ Closer to the point: Fast-dealing new general manager A.J. Preller wants his own guy.

▪ The Giants won’t win the National League West without a healthy Hunter Pence.

▪ Tiger Woods missed the cut at the U.S. Open. That’s one missed cut (14) for every major title.

▪ Chambers Bay, the U.S. Open site by Puget Sound, looks like something Neil Armstrong made famous nearly 46 years ago.

▪ Phil Jackson thinks he deserved votes for NBA Executive of the Year. The Knicks were 17-65. He needs another motorcycle ride to clear his brain.

▪ Team USA has reached the knockout round of the Women’s World Cup. Again, Redding’s Megan Rapinoe is the spark.

▪ Just because: Butch Beard (think Warriors, 1975).

▪ Oakland native Marshawn Lynch joined the Warriors’ parade Friday. Had the Seahawks given him the ball, Lynch could have had his own parade in Seattle.

▪ A thought while watching a million people celebrate at the parade: Why must the Warriors move to San Francisco?

▪ We called the Warriors in six. Oops. Just committed the LeBron mistake.

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