Ron Agostini

The Warriors are letting the good times roll

B.B. King's “Let the Good Times Roll” is an apt expression of the style of Stephen Curry, left, Klay Thompson, and the Warriors.
B.B. King's “Let the Good Times Roll” is an apt expression of the style of Stephen Curry, left, Klay Thompson, and the Warriors. The Associated Press

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▪ The late B.B. King had the perfect song for the 2015 Warriors: “Let the Good Times Roll.”

▪ A different kind of call-and-response: When King sang, he never played Lucille. And vice-versa.

▪ It’s becoming simple to read the Warriors: If their threes are splashing, they win.

▪ Warrior fans booed Floyd Mayweather this week. Loud crowd ... and good judges of character.

▪ The Giants’ Monte Irvin, 96, will enjoy his trip to the White House next month more than the World Series ring he received.

▪ Wanted in Oakland: a bullpen.

▪ The Outstanding Athlete Awards Banquet this week drew about 500 to the SOS Club. The OAA sustains its momentum.

▪ Pro Football Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson told the crowd what his father told him: “It takes a second to get in trouble and a lifetime to get out of it.”

▪ Roy Green, the former All-Pro receiver for the Cardinals, defined “discipline” thus: “It’s doing whatever you need to do, whenever you need to do it, whether you like it or not.”

▪ Green and Dickerson were a tandem at the OAA. Another thing: They enjoyed their best NFL seasons in 1984.

▪ Tough news for OAA open division winner Vince Wheeland (Turlock High and Oklahoma State): Shoulder surgery may scuttle his budding pro career as a pitcher.

▪ Didn’t realize this: Oakdale icon Norm Antinetti, the Darell Phillips Coaches Award honoree, said the Valley Oak League has won more Sac-Joaquin Section titles in the fall than any other section league.

▪ Classy move by former Modesto Junior College football coach Sam Young, who retired to make room on staff for successor Rusty Stivers.

▪ From the passage-of-time dept.: Chuck Hayes (Modesto Christian), who turned virtually nothing into a 10-year NBA career, is a free agent.

▪ Want to know more about Chuck? Catch up with him – and his upcoming basketball camp at Big Valley Christian – in Sunday’s Bee.

▪ Tom Brady has filed an appeal against his four-game suspension. Prediction: It will be cut at least to three.

▪ Why? Because the Patriots are scheduled to play the Cowboys ($$$$$$$) on Oct. 11.

▪ The Patriots didn’t cooperate with investigators while Brady dismissed Deflategate. Such attitudes led to the punishment.

▪ Still true after all these years: The coverup gets you every time.

▪ The NFL’s overall message to the Patriots: Play by the rules. Now.

▪ I’ll assume Roger Goodell is no longer on Patriot boss Robert Kraft’s Christmas card list.

▪ Javon Kelly, in his only football season as a Downey senior, had 105 catches, 1,565 yards and 20 touchdowns in 2009. He died last week. 23.

▪ Keep Kelly alive by following his lead: Push out of your comfort zone. See what happens.

▪ Troy Tulowitzki said he will not demand a trade from the Rockies. From here: He’s leaving in play a polite request.

▪ Rickie Fowler won The Players and fulfilled all that promise. He’s no longer

▪ Not sure what was more impressive: Fowler’s five piped tee shots with his driver at 18, or his five of six deuces at the island 17th.

▪ The Modesto Nuts’ slow start is history. They’ve won their last four series.

▪ Prime time guy: The Nuts’ Correlle Prime with three game-winning final at-bat RBIs.

▪ Likely changes for college basketball, all of them overdue and good: The 30-second shot clock, fewer timeouts and fouls for flopping.

▪ Bet that crowd at Oracle would have rocked to “When Love Comes To Town.”