Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: Golden Boy legacy tarnished by “Deflategate”

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ An NFL report concluded it “was more probable than not” that Tom Brady was at least aware of “Deflategate.” Call him the tarnished Golden Boy.

▪ The Patriots will be fined and Brady will be suspended. Methinks it will fall somewhere close to one game for each of his Super Bowl wins (four).

▪ He hopes it won’t be one game for each of the footballs deflated (11).

▪ After the footballs were corrected at halftime, Brady and the Patriots crushed the Indianapolis Colts 45-7. Question: Why was he reaching for a competitive advantage?

▪ Answer: Because he plays to win, like every other player in the NFL. But we like to think most try to follow the rules.

▪ All quarterbacks like the ball a certain way. The difference: They keep it within the NFL’s parameters.

▪ The 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick (Pitman High School) came to Brady’s defense. Kaepernick can only wish to again feel that old superstar scrutiny.

▪ The 49ers’ message to Kaepernick via the draft: You’ll have to get better on your own.

▪ The Raiders’ message to Derek Carr via the draft: You have Amari Cooper. You’re better right now.

▪ If 49ers draftee Jasquiski Tartt can play, that name alone will make him famous.

▪ Beyer’s Sarah Stoll swam to a win in the 500-yard freestyle at last week’s Modesto Metro Conference Championship. On the same day, a league record set in 1982 by Greg Stoll – her father – was broken.

▪ The Amgen Tour of California started Friday, four years after the end of Modesto’s four-year run.


Do you miss it? I do ... all 15 minutes of it downtown.

▪ Then again, I still miss the Modesto Relays.

▪ Here’s a get-well wish for Johansen’s Brent Bohlender, who will accept his Hall of Fame induction at Wednesday night’s Outstanding Athlete Awards Banquet.

▪ Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Eric Dickerson is the OAA’s special guest. Rams fans will be charged double (just kidding).

▪ Barry Bonds will be inducted into the Hall of Fame ... the Bay Area’s.

▪ The title of the 2015 Giants movie: Waiting On Hunter Pence.

▪ Giants first baseman Brandon Belt is trying to find his swing, but ... no hitter gets hurt more by his own ballpark.

▪ Plate umpire Bill Miller took a fastball flush to the knee at AT&T Park. Baseball columnist Bill Arnold reported that the baseball gods rewarded Miller the next day – with a flat tire on the way to work.

▪ A far worse break than Miller’s – Dante Fowler Jr., the No. 3 pick of the NFL draft, tore his ACL less than one hour into his first workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

▪ The Athletics won’t like this: The Tigers’ Yoenis Cespedes, .278, four home runs, 10 doubles, 17 RBIs.

▪ The Modesto Nuts found a fun way to overcome their slow start – a 6-1 homestand featuring three walk-off wins.

▪ The Warriors’ Steph Curry was the franchise’s first MVP since Wilt Chamberlain. My first thought – Rick Barry wasn’t an MVP?

▪ Just because: The late Derrick Dickey from the Warriors’ 1975 title team.

▪ The best player in the Pacific-12 Conference, three months before kickoff: Myles Jack, outside linebacker, UCLA.

▪ Won’t bother with any I-told-you-so’s about Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr., other than it’s good to have saved $100.

▪ Lost an old friend this week in Bruce Farris, Fresno Bee sportswriter for more than 50 years. He could write about anything but, more importantly, was one of the most decent men I ever met.

▪ My favorite memory with Bruce after he retired: singing the Fresno State alma mater together in the press box before a Bulldogs football game. The people around us clapped, no doubt because of the company I kept.

▪ Brady has a hard time making his case when there’s a Patriots attendant who calls himself the “Deflator.”