Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: The Derby, the Fight, the Draft, playoffs and more

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▪ Saturday’s menu brings us the Fight, the Derby, the Draft, hockey and basketball playoffs and a full schedule of baseball. If you’re not entertained, it’s your fault.

▪ Because Manny Pacquaio vs. Floyd Mayweather should have happened six years ago, conduct the fight in an empty arena without TV cameras and, six years from now, announce the result.

▪ The conventional wisdom says Mayweather by a decision. Here’s hoping the CW is wrong.

▪ The 49ers will unveil their first alternate uniforms. The dominant color is, and I know this is a shocker, black.

▪ Doubtful if the 49ers factored in that look with those steamy September afternoons at Levi’s.

▪ “Carr’s pass is complete to Cooper” has a nice ring, no?

▪ There was no drama in the Raiders’ pick. It was safe – and right. Investing in a good young quarterback is a good thing.

▪ Raider Nation is so on board with Amari Cooper. It hasn’t been this united since everyone asked together, “Who’s Darrius Heyward-Bey?”

▪ The 49ers went defense with Arik Armstead (Pleasant Grove High School) and played to the strengths of GM Trent Baalke and new coach Jim Tomsula. Now comes the hard part: Can he play?

▪ The answer, from Oregon fans: Yes. Sometimes.

▪ Colin Kaepernick’s passing motion looks tighter and more efficient. Kurt Warner, you’re on the clock.

▪ You are obliged to cringe every time a draft pundit refers to the “war room.”

▪ The Pacific-12 produced nine first-round picks. Yes, there are games played outside the SEC and Big 10.

▪ The Memphis Grizzlies are big, physical and basic ... and teed up for the Warriors.

▪ Saturday night’s Game 7 either will be the beginning of the beginning for the Clippers or the beginning of the end for the proud Spurs.

▪ Enjoyed how the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner defended the National League regarding the DH. Spoken like a guy who hit two grand slams last year.

▪ The Royals’ Yordano Ventura wouldn’t be kicking his leg and throwing at guys’ heads if he had to grab a bat.

▪ The N.L. is the last DH holdout. May it hold out forever.

▪ Alex Rodriguez tied Willie Mays by hitting his 660th home run, and I just committed a major violation – by mentioning A-Rod in the same sentence as Mays.

▪ Local product Lee Ehrler is inducted into the California chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Saturday night. Can’t imagine a more deserving choice.

▪ The CIF has announced its Spring All-Century Team, which had to include these two: Riverbank runner German Fernandez (2008) and Downey’s eventual three-time Olympian Suzy Powell (1994).

▪ The late Calvin Peete, one of golf’s best in the mid-1980s, hit tee shots much straighter than his left arm.

▪ Prediction: Peete’s incredible life will inspire a movie.

▪ About the zero attendance game this week in troubled Baltimore: Baseball is nothing without the fans.

▪ Baseball usually is the healing agent for social unrest. This time, it was the victim.

▪ Modesto Metro Conference boys tennis is set for the future with Beyer’s Ryan Lewis as champion, runner-up Nick Mendez of Downey and semifinalists Sohun Panchal of Enochs and Zak Hijaouy of Gregori. All four are underclassmen.

▪ The Santa Cruz Warriors won the NBA D-League title with help from a familiar face: Kiwi Gardner, Manteca.

▪ Billy Donovan takes over at Oklahoma City with one simple order from management: Win it all. Now.

▪ Just because: Jim Druckenmiller.

▪ Don’t blame us for Saturday’s sports overload. We’re just the skilled labor.

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