Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: Down 20 with 12 minutes left – no problem for Warriors

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▪ Raise your hands, Warriors fans, if you tuned out with your team trailing by 20 points Thursday night.

▪ All of you kept the faith? No one admits they thought the Pelicans had it won? I don’t buy it.

▪ The consensus: The Pelicans were not seasoned enough to close out the game, as opposed to the Warriors.

▪ Steph Curry’s baseline triple to tie should have been a four-point play. Anthony Davis buried him after the shot.

▪ The next time, the Pelicans will foul Curry. And they may tackle Marreese Speights.

▪ Will the series end Saturday night, you ask? Surely as there’s fun on Bourbon Street.

▪ The Royals are brawling every night. They’re taking that World Series loss hard. And, by the way, they’re 12-4.

▪ No rookie woes for LSU pitcher Allie Walljasper (Sierra High School). She was the SEC’s Freshman of the Week.

▪ Carson and Hollywood Park are running hard for NFL teams. Oakland trailing.

▪ The late 49ers star Bob St. Clair played almost his entire career, high school through NFL, at Kezar Stadium. Doubtful anyone else can say that.

▪ St. Clair ate raw meat, and at 6-foot-9 and 270, you would not argue with him.

▪ The Modesto Nuts and Lancaster JetHawks combined for seven home runs Thursday night at the windy Hangar. I’m told six would have been fly balls at Thurman Field.

▪ The San Jose Giants come to town May 12-14. Just in time for a Hunter Pence rehab, right?

▪ Another sign of the apocalypse: The NFL Network devoted a three-hour show to the 2015 schedule.

▪ The NFL draft is next week. I fret about the draftniks after it’s over. How do they live the rest of the year?

▪ The Giants held their World Series ring ceremony while riding an eight-game losing streak. It had to have been a record.

▪ Incredible but true: Modesto Junior College still hasn’t named a successor to football coach Sam Young. He announced his resignation on Nov. 23!

▪ Beware of the sun: The Athletics are 0-5 in day games.

▪ Just because: Marvin Benard.

▪ The Rangers have reacquired Josh Hamilton. I just hope he finds peace of mind.

▪ Only a portion of Candlestick Park remains upright. Wrecking balls have done what an earthquake couldn’t.

▪ Fox has hired Pete Rose for some studio work. He won’t be happy. The studio is not a ballpark.

▪ If you believe there’s no teamwork in tennis, you didn’t watch the Northern California champion MJC women.

▪ Barry Bonds’ obstruction of justice conviction was overturned. Will that turn into Hall of Fame votes? Doubtful.

▪ Guard Alex Boone of the 49ers said Jim Harbaugh “was like a brother to me.” The same Alex Boone also thinks Harbaugh is “clinically insane.” Methinks both are true.

▪ I can’t see Philadelphia Eagles fans “Tebowing” for their newest quarterback.

▪ One of the best things about golf: Lydia Ko, top-ranked in the world, turned 18 today at the Swinging Skirts while Juli Inkster, 54, turned back the clock.

▪ Wearing Ripon High red for Bee teammate and friend Brian VanderBeek, whose 21-year run at The Bee ended Friday. He sings the anthem, writes great on deadline and hits tee shots I envy.

▪ His farewell cake was decorated with red and gold frosting – for Cal State Stanislaus, his next stop.

▪ The Warriors are rolling because they didn’t trade Klay Thompson. Warning, Thunder, after the firing of Scott Brooks: Sometimes, it’s the move you don’t make that people remember.

▪ Old-timers remember those stunning Warriors comebacks in the playoffs before their 1975 title. Forty years later, deja vu.

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