Ron Agostini

Ron Agostini: Didn’t take long – NCAA brackets already burning

Reading time, two minutes:

▪ We’re one round into the NCAA Tournament, and my bracket reminds me of a returned test from my high school math teacher. Red marks everywhere.

▪ UCLA gets a bid it probably doesn’t deserve, then advances on a fortuitous three-point goal-tend. Is John Wooden gaming this thing from upstairs?

▪ UC Irvine’s first NCAA bid no doubt put a smile on the face of former Anteaters coach Pat Douglass (ex-Manteca, Columbia College).

▪ From invited walk-on to finishing in the Big Dance: Nice job, Travis Souza (Turlock High, UC Irvine).

▪ Modesto Junior College Hall of Famer Proverb Jacobs has written a two-volume book, “Autobiography of an Unknown Football Player,” featuring in-detail memories of his time at MJC.

▪ One of Jacobs’ best off-the-field contributions: He taught English to roommate and Peru native Alex Olmedo, who later became a Wimbledon champion.

▪ Jacobs, 79, on the 49ers during his appearance last week at MJC: “It will take them a decade to recover.”

▪ Jacobs, a former pro football player for the Eagles, Giants and the early-day Raiders, also coached and worked for Bill Walsh. He must have made an impression. Walsh dedicated his book, “Building a Champion,” to Jacobs.

▪ The shocking attrition hitting the 49ers isn’t a total surprise, given the team’s major push the last four seasons. What kills them, on top of the mess, is the front office’s cavalier dismissal of a first-rate coaching staff.

▪ Three words for 49ers boss Jed York on how he sabotaged Jim Harbaugh: Classic unforced error.

▪ Chris Borland stands only 5-foot-11, occupies a brutal position (inside linebacker) and takes a beating each game. Wise choice, Chris.

▪ If the NFL thinks its popularity is permanent, it must review the status of horse racing and boxing.

▪ Exactly when did someone from the 49ers yell, “Abandon Ship!”?

▪ Not good news for the Giants: Angel Pagan’s back required a pain-killing injection. In March.

▪ Warm up, Nori Aoki and Gregor Blanco. And get well fast, Hunter Pence.

▪ The first bona fide sign that spring training must end soon: Joe West ejected A.J. Pierzynski this week.

▪ A Modesto Christian victory Saturday means a state final game at Cal’s Haas Pavilion, a thought that probably has occurred to MC coach Richard Midgley (ex-Cal).

▪ GM Trent Baalke insisted after Harbaugh’s exit that the 49ers were reloading rather than rebuilding. Care to revisit, Trent?

▪ Cal (18-15) turned down the CBI tournament. Good decision for a so-so team facing a pay-to-play event.

▪ Appointment TV: ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, especially the latest “I Still Hate Christian Laettner.”

▪ The show offered a reminder: Laettner was truly hated, and he was truly great.

▪ Oklahoma City will never be whole this season, which is another good break for the Golden State Warriors.

▪ The Warriors waxed the Hawks this week. I’m still having trouble with this “The Hawks and the Warriors are the NBA’s top teams” thing. Doesn’t even sound right.

▪ The best thing about Steph Curry this season, besides his being the most fun player to watch in the league: He’s stayed healthy.

▪ Off to a great start at Cal: Freshman catcher Brett Cumberland (Turlock).

▪ Also sprinting as Fresno State athletic director: Central Catholic graduate Jim Bartko (ex-Oregon, ex-Cal).

▪ Bill Raftery, 73, will call his first Final Four next month. With a kiss, of course.

▪ Raftery last week after a loud slam dunk: “Leave the chandelier!” Perfect.

▪ Seniors remain a valuable commodity in the tournament – unless you’re Kentucky.

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