Fishing Report



Comment: Kevin Yost of Lucky Strike Fishing reported continued outstanding sturgeon action in the Pittsburg area in deep water to 56 feet. They landed 11 legal fish on three trips combined in the past week, releasing 27 undersized fish. Salmon action continues to be very slow with no fish from the Benicia shoreline and only a handful over the weekend near Isleton. Sandra Holman of Stockton landed a bright 29-pounder on a green double-bladed Silvertron last weekend. Striper action on the main Sacramento River and San Joaquin has been good for experienced anglers. Jeff Boyle of the Fisherman's Warehouse in Manteca caught and released several school-sized stripers on the San Joaquin on broken-backed Rebels. Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, said the cooler temperatures require a slow presentation in the strike zone for the bass. Best action on the Berkley Chigger Craw or Persuader E-Chip Jig in brown/purple with a "dead-sticking" technique, letting the jig sit 2 to 5 seconds. (Fishermen's Warehouse in Manteca 239-2248; Randy Pringle 543-6260; Kevin Yost, Lucky Strike Fishing 707-301-8050. Dave Mierkey, Rip Their Lips Off Guide Service 888-924-5477).


Comment: Monte Smith of Gold Country Guide Service expects an improved fall bite now, with the trout holding from 40-60 feet and the king salmon at 65-110 feet based on past years' patterns. Few bass reports, but Berserk jigs in brown colors should work for a consistent limit of 2- to 3-pound fish with dropshotting along rocky points. (Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layne-Fishn' Dan 586-2383).


Comment: Bass are loading up on crawdads, so Berserk jigs in pumpkin craw or brownie colors mixed with a pumpkin or watermelon trailer is working, Mike Van Guilder Jr. of Fishwrangler's Bass Guide Service reported. Bass also hitting pearl flukes, 4- to 6-inch plastics on the drop shot, crankbaits with a small bite on top-water lures. Jig fish are coming out of 30-40 feet of water near timber, although the fish are scattered at different depths. No kokanee or king salmon reports. Fair trout action 40-45 feet deep in front of the Dam and the Narrows with blade/crawlers or Wedding Rings tipped with a 'crawler behind a dodger. Catfishing is fair with live crawdads or weightless anchovies in along muddy flats at 15-20 feet deep. Crappie fishing improving under lights at 20-30 feet deep near the Houseboats in McClure Marina or in Barrett Cove near tree tops or lay down wood structure on red/white, chartreuse/white minijigs or small minnows. Crappie averaging a quarter- to a half-pound, but overall size and bite should improve in coming weeks. Lake dropped 704 acre-feet to 33 percent capacity. Barrett's Cove South and McClure Point are only ramps in water. (563-6505, Fishwrangler's Guide Service 604-8222. Jig's Bait and Tackle 852-2777).


Comment: Diana Mello of A-1 Bait in Snelling reported very good trout fishing for fish to 2 pounds for bankies and boaters alike with the recent plants for the annual derbies. Trollers are scoring with blade/'crawler combos, Wedding Rings tipped with a 'crawler or blue/silver or chartreuse/silver Kastmasters along the usual troll pattern from the Dam to the second Fence Line at depths to 15 feet. Bank anglers are using inflated night crawlers near the Brushpile or the Handicapped Docks. (378-2534).


Comment: Good action for kokanee to 18 inches off of Glory Hole Point, the Spillway, and the river channel at depths from 90-120 feet with Uncle Larry's spinners, watermelon Apex lures, or UV orange Kokanee Killers behind either a 6-inch Sling Blade or Crystal Basin WildThings, Danny Layne of Fishn' Dan's Guide Service reported. Rainbow and brown trout are becoming more active 35-80 feet deep in open water on rolled shad or shad-colored ExCel lures. Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sporting Goods in Angels Camp said night fishing under a submersible light is another way to target trout at this time of year by anchoring in 80-100 feet of water and dropping the light as deep as possible. The area in front of the spillway is most productive spot, but under the Highway 49 Stevenot Bridge, over the islands between the Spillway and Glory Hole Point, and in front of the Dam have also been productive. Bass bite has slowed somewhat. Trout trollers are catching big bass, since many are chasing shad in the main lake. It's hard to target these fish, but look for bass in coves and creek arms that are holding bait. Many bass are also targeting crawdads, so jigs are another good choice in rocky areas. There were lots of catfish to 7.5 pounds landed on anchovies, night crawlers or cut baits. Bluegill are plentiful and are hitting a piece of a night crawler under a large bobber thrown into the back of a cove or cut. Crappie is best at night at 15-20 feet deep with small minnows or mini-jigs near submerged trees. The lake has dropped another 454 acre-feet to 60% capacity. Surface temp has dropped to 71 degrees. (736-4333, Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layne-Fishn' Dan 586-2383. Fishwranglers Bass Guide Service 604-8222).


Comment: Some kokanee in 12- to 14-inch range have been caught between the dam and the end of the Rock Wall. The kokes have been 100 feet and deeper. Some trout have been caught in the same area and along the barrel line in south end. Try downriggers set 40-60 feet, small lures in pink, orange, red and green, ball flashers or dodgers in silver/blue and slow figure eight trolling patterns. The still-fishing continues to be the highlight, especially in south end coves. Night crawlers and maggots are working the best. Lots of limits of rainbows recorded last week. ... Bank fishing has been tough -- hopefully cooler temperatures and another plant will help. Chartreuse Power bait, night crawlers, Power eggs and maggots are still good. (772-1472).


Comment: Because of the emergency closure, the last day of rockfishing will be this Sunday, from Pigeon Point in San Mateo County to the Oregon border. Rockfishing remains great at the Farallon Islands with Jim Smith on the Happy Hooker reporting 32 limits of rockfish adding 42 lings to 23 pounds over the weekend. Salmon remains near nonexistent. Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait in San Rafael reported a smaller grade of stripers on the San Pablo Bay rockpiles with a larger grade of fish expected to move in with the upcoming tides. Halibut fishing remains solid at Paradise, Angel Island and the Berkeley Flats. California City has been flat dead for salmon. Bullheads have been bait of choice for shoreline striper anglers in San Pablo Bay, Petaluma River, Sonoma Creek and the Napa River. (Roger Thomas 415-674-3474,


Comment: Mickey Clements of Coyote Bait and Tackle in San Jose reported the best bite is coming from O'Neill Forebay for anglers plugging with 5-inch pearl or white flukes, Lucky Craft Sammies or Zara Spooks in all blue or bone around the twin islands or the peninsula. Anglers are also spooning the fish with three-quarter-ounce Hopkins Shorties or Revenge Spoons in silver/green or blue/silver. There have been up to 30 of the school-sized fish caught and released in a short period. Ly Tu of Ly's Sporting Goods in San Jose reported good numbers of stripers in the 3- to 5-pound range on jumbo minnows or anchovies near Portuguese Cove or the Trash Racks at depths of 40 feet in the main lake. Merritt Gilbert noted increased sales of flukes and anchovies destined for the Big Lake and the forebay. The lake is continuing to be used as a holding place for water with continual pumping in and out. It increased by 5,881 acre-feet of Delta water this week to 29 percent capacity. It is still very low with a long walk to the shoreline. Wind conditions: 800-805-4805. (Coyote Bait and Tackle 408-463-0711; Ly's Sporting Goods 408-629-9644).


Tuolumne County: Lyons Canal, Middle Fork of Stanislaus River; Moccasin Creek, Powerhouse Stream; Tulloch Reservoir).