Fishing Report



Comment: Two Roseville fishermen started at first light last Wednesday and caught seven trout up to 3½ pounds. They were trolling along the front of the buoys at the dam, with Uncle Larry's spinners in pink/gold. All of the fish were caught 35-45 feet deep, and all before noon. Overnight fishing at Dike 3 still red-hot for those anchoring in 35-45 feet of water. EBMUD turned on the Hypolimnetic Oxygen System (also known as the Speece Cone). It adds oxygen to the water, which draws fish of all species and makes the dam and the buoy line excellent areas to fish. ... Bass bite continues to be very good for many. Luis Vasquez of San Leandro won a free pontoon boat rental in the annual trout derby. He reported catching and releasing 12 fine largemouth and spotted bass, all coming on plastic worms up the river, with his biggest bass a 7.6-pounder. Camanche regular Dick Klauber and his partner caught a 7.5-pounder fishing with Senko worms off rocky points and rock piles — most of their fish came 15-20 feet deep. ... Tom Purdom of Acampo caught nine catfish — between 4 and 12 pounds — and two bass from 18-20 inches. He was fishing near The Narrows, with chicken liver and also night crawlers. Most came in about 15 feet of water. Locals Truman Moss and Jim Rudolph caught a bunch of catfish 4-9 pounds. They like to fish upriver, with mackerel, in 15-20 feet of water. (Northshore store 763-5166, Southshore store 763-5915).


Comment: Sturgeon fishing has picked up in the areas of the Mothball Fleet. Striper action is improving, with some to 30 pounds taken on jumbo minnows in Broad Slough and also up the Old Sacramento River near Isleton Bridge. Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, reported an excellent bass bite with dead-sticking Persuader E-chip jigs in purple/brown with a Berkeley Chigger Craw cinnamon trailer. (Fishermen's Warehouse in Manteca 239-2248, Randy Pringle 543-6260, Kevin Yost of Lucky Strike Fishing 707-301-8050, Dave Mierkey of Rip Their Lips Off Guide Service 924-5477).


Comment: A night bass tournament produced winning limits averaging more than 4 pounds. Kokanee in area waters are maturing very rapidly, schooling and moving into greater depths as they prepare to spawn. Kokanee season over. Target rainbows at 35-55 feet deep with flasher/'crawler combos, small shad spoons or rolling shad. Try Jenkins Hill, Big Oak Island and Copper Mountain. King salmon 95-130 feet deep off Hatch Creek, the Flume and in the Canyon above the power lines. Rolling shad for kings to 3 pounds. Lake dropped slightly to 68 percent capacity. (Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layne — Fishn' Dan 586-2383).


Comment: Danny Layne of Fishn' Dan's Guide Service reported a good kokanee bite at 75-100 feet deep in the main lake channel when you can locate the schools. Best set-ups have been R-Lure Double Troubles, Uncle Larry's Spinners or Rocky Mountain UV Hootchies behind a Crystal Basin Wildthing or a Sling Blade. Diana Mello of A-1 Bait in Snelling said there is a good to excellent bass bite in the top 25 feet along rocky points with deep water access. Zara Spooks and shallow diving crankbaits are working early, with Robo Worms or Keeper Worms with a bloodline working later. A 10.3-pound bass was landed by Derek Cook on a Pacific Catch brown/purple jig. Trout fishing has slowed, with best action near the dam or the mouth of Cottonwood at 35-40 feet deep with blue/silver Kastmasters, blade/'crawler combos or Wedding Ring/dodger combinations. King salmon to 5 pounds have been landed in the same area at 80-120 feet deep with rolled shad at first light. There is a fair crappie bite under lights at 40 feet deep near tree tops with red/white minijigs or small minnows. Catfishing continues to be excellent for fish to 9 pounds on muddy, sloping banks with whole weightless anchovies 15-20 feet deep. Best bite is early or late and tapers off in the heat of the day. Lake is at 43 percent capacity. (A-1 Bait 563-6505, Fishwrangler's Guide Service 604-8222, Jig's Bait and Tackle 852-2777).


Comment: Diana Mello of A-1 Bait in Snelling reported good trout fishing for trollers working from the dam up river as far as possible towards the Maintenance Shed with Cop Car Needlefish with a split-shot early in the morning and with blade/'crawler combo or Wedding Ring/'crawlers combos later at 30-35 feet deep. Pink Power Eggs in combination with a 'crawler, white Power Eggs, or rainbow Power Bait are working from the bank at the Brush Pile, Handicapped Docks or early in the morning near the Maintenance Shed. (378-2534).


Comment: Monte Smith of Gold Country Sport Fishing reported continued outstanding action for kokanee to 17 inches halfway between the Spillway and the dam with Uncle Larry's Bloody Tiger Spinners or pink/purple kokanee bugs behind a Sep's silver prism dodger tipped with shoepeg corn scented with Pautske's Kokanee Fuel in red or green. The fish are holding at 50-65 feet, but there are schools as deep as 90 feet. Danny Layne reported the kokanee are maturing rapidly and starting to school up. The turning of the kokanee should help the trout bite at 30-60 feet deep on blade/'crawler combinations, shad-colored spoons or rolled shad. Last week Bruce Hamby of Sierra Sport Fishing landed kokanee limits in the Spillway, Glory Hole Point, Tuttletown, and the mouths of Bear and Mormon creeks. The local creeks are receiving regular plantings, with Power Bait, salmon eggs or night crawlers the best bets. Night fishing under lights is best in 100 feet of water near the dam, Spillway or Black Bart Cove, dropping the light down 20 feet and fishing at 30-50 feet with a Power Bait/'crawler combo. Bass fishing has slowed, with smaller fish the norm. Bass have moved to main lake points holding deep structure, with some holding on to points upriver. Spinnerbaits or deep-diving crankbaits dragged across these points will catch fish. There continues to be a top-water bite when the sun is off the water (dawn and dusk) or in a shady spot near deep water, such as upriver next to steep rock walls or next to the bridge pilings. Night fishing is good, with fish more plentiful and active with dark (June bug or black) worms or spinnerbaits. Catfish bite is good with anchovies, sardines or night crawlers. Wesley Walker and Mike Swart of Sacramento caught five nice cats weighing up to 7 pounds, 8 ounces on sardines fishing from their boat near the Spillway. Crappie and bluegill are slowing down, with best action under lights at night. Lake has dropped to 64 percent capacity. (736-4333, Monte Smith 581-4734, Danny Layn Fishn' Dan 586-2383, Fishwranglers Bass Guide Service 604-8222).


Comment: Trolling is unchanged, except that some of the regulars are going down 60-100 feet for both rainbows and kokanee — the fish are relocating to cooler water. Kokes remain in the 10to 12-inch range with an occasional 14-incher. The mouth of the river continues to be best producer — the old-timers have been trolling from the mouth of the river to the dam and back at about 60 feet and doing very well. Mack's Wedding Ring lures are working, as well as well as just about any type of lure that can be dragged behind a Sep's dodger (watermelon was the big flavor last week). Kokanee are still hitting on the Midge Warblers and Koke Kandy lures. Garlic-scented shoepeg corn is also a big hit. Boaters/bait fishermen are getting nice limits of heavy rainbows tied up in the coves at the extreme south end of the lake. ... Nothing has changed for shore anglers. Bank fishing still good at usual spots ringing the marina. The banks behind the EBMUD boat house, Rainbow Point and the Launch Ramp are usually a good bet. ... The big bass are out there and are being caught, but only by the craftiest bass masters. (772-1472).


Comment: Mike Aughney of reported spotty salmon fishing, but some to 50 pounds were landed along the Marin coastline near Duxbury Buoy and Rocky Point. Most party boats are switching to rockfishing early in day after landing a couple of large salmon. The hot spots remain along the Marin coast and the Farallon Islands. Jim Smith on the Happy Hooker has been working small high spots along the coast for quality rockfish with decent ling counts. James Smith on the California Dawn also worked the coast for limits of rockfish and near a ling per rod to 18 pounds. Inside the bay, Jim Smith put in early limits of striped bass at the Brothers and Red Rock before heading outside for rockfish limits. This week's tides are favorable for a halibut bite in the central bay and along the Marin beaches. (Roger Thomas 415-674-3474,


Comment: Ly Tu of Ly's Sporting Goods in San Jose reported bait fishing from the banks with pile worms or grass shrimp has produced primarily shaker stripers with a few keepers to 21 inches. Jumbo minnows drifted near the Trash Racks at 80 feet deep are producing schoolie stripers to 25 inches. Mickey Clements at Coyote Bait in San Jose said O'Neill Forebay is crippled by heavy grass growth near the shoreline despite regular dredgings of the area. So best action in the Forebay has been from boats. A few anglers are fishing near the bridge. Some anglers are purchasing Husky Jerks in firetiger, pearl flukes, Zara Spooks and RatLTraps to toss into shad boils. Lake is at 20 percent capacity, with a long walk from access areas to the shoreline. Wind conditions: 800-805-4805. (Coyote Bait and Tackle 408-463-0711, Ly's Sporting Goods 408-629-9644).