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Fan photos II: wants your pics!

Well, here we go again. Or, if you prefer: Everything old is new again.

Charlotte Observer photo intern Lisette Poole's recent shots of fans in the infield at Lowe's Motor Speedway have served to inspire us. Or, more likely, to remind us, which might be just as good.

Longtime visitors might also remember our fan photo galleries of a few seasons past. No, we didn't put felt-tipped pen to a big piece of discarded cardboard and fashion a crude sign. And, no, we didn't wave it around in the infield like fans possessed. But, yes, we did in fact invite you to show us your pics.

And you responded generously. We got digital images by the busload of fans braving the springtime snow at Bristol, of "Bubba Bling" and his cohorts holding court by the camper and tons of others from weekends at the tracks, at race parties everywhere and of cars and drivers from racing's grand and glorious past.

So we posted them. And we posted and posted and posted them, until our HTML hurt. Or most of them anyway. (We do have our standards, after all - and bosses.) We could, of course, just repost all those, but how much fun would that be?

So let's do it again.

Do you have pics saved from a race weekend party? Got shots of you and your friends at a race? Or of total strangers at the track? (You might need help because stalking isn't cool or legal.) But if they're about people and racing and you'd like to share them, we'd love to have them.

Hit the link below the picture we've posted here to check out our slideshow from the Charlotte race weekend.

And hit the link right below it, attach your images and share yours. We'll give them a look and post them with the rest of our photo galleries. Please be sure to write FAN PHOTOS in the subject line. (And, in case your computer's setup won't let that work for you, please just put or in the addrress field of a new e-mail and send away.)

We'll post fan images on absolutely free of charge. But if you'd like to spend a little money, the captions also include these links: To purchase this photo | Browse our store

You can get copies of your images and even turn them into keepsakes - high-resolution prints, coffee mugs or tote bags bearing your the images and much more. Plus, we've got tons of other racing images, ranging from rare historic photos all the way up to today's drivers, teams and events.

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